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Default my 6 month old hermann help

Hi all, Last week i bought a hermann 6 months old with a full set up (in a viv) before doing my research wish i had a table now. Any way the one thing thats really worrying me is shell pyramiding, can someone tell me the 1 single thing i can do to try and prevent this i am feeding ann (my tort) baged salad from the supermarket as being that i have had a very cold and frosty winter theres nothing for me to pick i am sprinkling with cal and mins and ann baths every day by her self some times 4-5 times shell be in her water in one day and i have a uv strip light and ceramic heat light.but any advice would be great. and allso birch chippings sub witch i am going to change thanks gadget and ann
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hi there is no single thing you can do to prevent pyramidding.with Hermanns tortoises it is a combination of good husbandry and a well balanced diet.since i have been using a combi lamp in my tortoise tables i have found it is a lot easier to provide sufficient uv when they arent able to live outdoors because of the weather.if you are going to use one of these you will really need to switch over to a tortoise table because the heat will build up to a unhealthy level in a viv and these lamps cant be controlled by a dimmer or heat stat and need to be highered or lowered to provide the correct temperature at the basking spot.i use 100% topsoil for their substrate and chop and mix their food daily.
this is a link to the diet and some caresheets.
caresheets terry
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try buying weed seeds and growing your own, you should be able to create a good little rotation of planting for feeding for a six month conservatory is crammed full of tubs of weeds as i have 12 torts to feed.

tip: if you buy a living salad keep the tray it comes in and use fresh soil and plant seeds

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to the site - nice to meet ya!!!

Congratulations on getting your little one - love the name Ann for a tortoise I think human names suit some of our animals really well!

Unfortunately you cannot do anythign about the shell pyramiding that has already occured but you can ensure that it doesnt get any worse by good husbandry and diet. One of the first things I'd recommend you do is get an open topped table sorted out - maybe sell the viv or use it for a different animal or even turn it onto its side and convert it into a table/open house. Substrate wise I use 100% Top Soil for my lot, which is one of the most natural substrates you can get for them, it means they can dig about and scrap better than with any other substrate.

Diet wise weeds, weeds and more weeds - check out Shelled Warriors & Urban Tortoise websites for weed seeds/plug plants, or EBay (just search tortoise seed mixture) Do make sure whatever you buy is okay for the species you have as some suppliers do various packs. If you need to use Supermarket foods, do use a good variety, the packs called Florette are very good.

Hydration - bath the little one each day for about 15 minutes or so in warm water upto her plastron (the belly of the shell)

I do agree with Terry wih regards to the combined lights - I use Megaray (100 watt and 125 watts) for mine and find it a lot easier than having to replace the UV every 6 months. The combined lights last approximately two years or so, so in my opinion it proves more economical over time as well.

Hope that helps
R.I.P. Daddy 07/07/09 - Love and miss you more each day xxxx
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Hi all thanxs for the advice.....but i have a new problem my tort done a runny poo today and am abit worried it has been fine since i got it today was the first time just wondering if i should be concerned.. ps can ann (my tort) eat grass? thanks for the help
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Old 11-01-2011, 02:55 PM
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I don't believe Hermanns eat grass in the wild but i'm sure one of the more experienced keepers can give you something a bit more definitive on that.

On the diet you can also try Romaine lettuce for a bit of variety as it's
quite fibrous and if you have a local park or common with any trees locally you should still be able to find plantains, dandelions and a few other weeds in the more sheltered spots (eg under the hedgerows or where trees overhang fairly low). The trick with this is to look up some photos online and familiarize yourself with what they look like first. It's also very important that you don't overfeed them so smaller amounts and maybe miss out the odd day here and there. They can happily miss a day or 2 of food as long as they have access to fresh water
Learning every day
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