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Default Yellow Belly Slider Terrapin advice please


Last Christmas we bought a terrapin for our eldest daughter, then 2 days later our kids put their pocket money together to purchase another terrapin so #1 wouldn't get lonely. Bless.

Anyway, I bought the initial terrapin from a pet shop near me, and the guy in the shop told me he owned 4 YBS, so advised me of what to have in the tank. My set up is:

Tank - 2' x 1'
Boyu 6w filter
Floating station
Light bulb for heated area.
Gravel at bottom of tank

I clean the tank out completely every 2/3 weeks, put in a very strong filter to make sure that the water is completely filtered before putting the boys back in (I say boys, but have no idea on the sex!).

However, a couple of days ago I was looking around this forum and noted a few things that have concerned me about the setup I have:

1. My tank has a lid - is this really not recommended for terrapins? The water temp sits at around 24c, and the air temp around 27c, but I read that the lid might make it too humid?
2. External filters seem to be recommended? Mine seems to do a decent job for a couple of weeks and then I clear it all out.
3. Gravel isn't advised? Sand is? But how to you clean out the sand? Right now I put the gravel in a basin, and hand rinse it all to get the faeces etc out of it. I must say I see my larger terrapin (Shelley) does seem to look like he is nibbling on the gravel as I type this.

Here are a couple of links to the tank (as I noticed people like a good nose around).

Also, how big are they expected to get?

Also also, if I have a male and a female (which I think I do have as they were the same size when I bought them, and one of them is almost twice the size of the other even though they eat the same amount) then is there a chance that they will want to mate (likely!) and if so how do I provide an area for them to lay eggs?

Thanks in advance, I always thought I was doing a good job of keeping them but I'm worried I might be harming them.
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I would recommend you access the care sheet:
This will address many of the questions you raise.
Paul Eversfield
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you need to remove the lid asap as it can lead to breathing problems
and the gravel can be eaten when there feeding and get stuck inside them. (might not happen, but i always find it better to be safe than sorry)
you tank will need upgrading. and i would suggest buying a good external filter.
and males can grow to 8 inch's and females 12 inches

im still new to keeping turtles but im sure someone more experienced will be along soon

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