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Default Can i put a selfish in with my ybs's

I wanted to no if i can have fish with my sliders i have been reading up and it is known but just wanted a second oppion my turtles are only 18 months old and the selfin plec is about 9-10'' is this ok ??? Please help
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Old 15-06-2013, 12:56 AM
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I wouldn't recommend it for the following reasons:

- Sailfin plecs get to a huge size, and regardless of any algae cleaning they might do, produce a huge amount of waste. If you want one to keep your tank clean, it will do the opposite.
- Like all plecs, Sailfins spend most of their time inactive, making them a target for nipping and harassment by the turtles.
- Should the turtles try to eat it, Sailfin plecs have a large array of nasty spines in their fins, which can cause a great deal of internal damage should the turtle try to eat them.

There are a few cases whereby a plec has apparently caused injury to turtles directly also, caused by their rasping feeding behaviour during the night. In some cases, plecs have been implicated in removing the eyes and patches of skin from turtles.

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aything slow moving runs the risk of having its fins etc nibbled and anything smaller that also moves slow could be eaten so its not really fair on the fish. I had a freind who put a turt in her pond and it killed all the goldfish through damage not eating them whole but just bits of them. I know some do put live fish in as a food but don't expect them to live happily together, if you want a cheap live food then try the river shrimp you can buy by the scoopfull, mine always liked them and the chase kept them amussed for a few hours.
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Old 17-06-2013, 05:25 PM
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were is most likely to sell river shrimp? and dont worry people ive decided against the idea of getting a plec i think im just gunna stick wid what ive got if not ill probably be getting a different species of turtle
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