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You will need a 'hot' basking light, in addition to the UV- you shouldn't need to actually heat the water if they have that, they will regulate their temps by basking as needed. The hot light can be an ordinary spot bulb as sold in most supermarkets- you don't need to buy an expensive bulb from the petshop in future... A tube is fine for the UV- go for 10%, and fix it so it is over the basking area. Combination bulbs are useful, but expensive- and most of them are only really good for six months or so.
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OK thanks guys for your help will up date once settled. Regards
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As you know I mentioned I got 2 ybs their skin problems all cleared up, So I we seem to have another problem, here goes.
When i got them the previous owner was feeding complete turtle food daily and more, so to let them settle in whole new clean bigger environment I fed them once only in morning for 2 weeks so not to upset them, left it 10 mins and removed any uneaten leftovers.
So from 5 days ago tried to wean them for every other day with greens, pellets etc but have ended up adding some pellets at night because the smaller one caught him trying to nip (mouth wide open) goes in for the attack on the bigger one and the bigger one panic's and tries to get out and but once food is added stops and are fine again plus both are always looking for food and digging for scraps is this normal at all or because they are used to being fed daily, I don't know how the best way to go about dealing with this or Am I over reacting, sorry for the long message.
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when a turtle starts attacking and biting another,this aggression normally continues and will only get worse,best thing to do is have a second setup and keep them seperated or re-home one of them,you could always try and house them in an indoor pond with plenty more room and hiding spaces,this could work but still be prepared to seperate if neccassary

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