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Old 24-12-2007, 06:42 PM
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Default Fully Updated Snakes'N'Adders Stocklist

Snakes’N’Adders Updated Stocklist

384 Kirkstall Road


C.B2007- High Contrast Albino Royal Python- £895.00
C.F2007- Royal Pythons- £65.00
C.B2007- Albino Burmese Pythons (well grown on) £125.00
C.B2004- Indian Rock Python- £200.00
L.T.C2006- ¾ Striped Javan Reticulated Python- £175.00
C.B2006- White Albino Reticulated Python (Slight blemish) £500.00
C.B2006- Lavender Albino Tiger Reticulated Python - £995.00
WC2007- Selayar Giant Reticulated Pythons - £250.00
CB2007- Jayapura Green Tree Pythons- £375.00
WC2007- Golden D’Albertis Pythons- £110.00
WC2007- Sumartran Red Blood Pythons- £100.00
L.T.C2005- Savu Island Pythons- £200.00


CB2006- Peruvian Long Tail Boas (4ft) - £600.00
CB2006- Unproven Jungle Stripe Boas (4ft)- £700.00
CB2007- Het Sunset Boas (Grown on)- £1000.00
CB2004- Bolivian Short Tailed Boa male (Proven-) £600.00
CB2006- Bolivian Short Tailed Boa female (4.5ft)- £600.00
CB2007- Kahl Strain Albino Boas- £850.00
CB2004- Proven Female Anerthrystic Boa (7.5ft)- £600.00
CB2003- Proven Female Hog Island Boa (7ft)- £450.00
CB2007- ‘Mexicana’ Boas- £125.00
CB2007- Corn Island Boas- £295.00
CB2007- Caulker Cay Boas- £365.00
CB2006- Nicaraguan Boa (66% poss het T+ Albino)- £250.00
CB2007- Pure Suriname Red Tail Boas- £225.00
CB2007- Amarali x Imperator Boas- £150.00
CB2007- Constrictor x Imperator Boas- £65.00
CB2006- 50% poss het Albino (Kahl) boa- £100.00
CB2007- Green Anacondas (females)- £195.00
CB2006- Pacific Tree Boas(striped) - £100.00
WC- Adult Females Pacific Ground Boa (V.Large example)- £100.00
WC- High Yellow Viper Boa- £85.00
CB2003- Kenyan Sand Boa- £50.00


CB2004- Adult Male Butter Cornsnake- £130.00
CB2004- Adult Male Caramel Cornsnake (Stunning)- £100.00
CB2003/4- Proven Adult Female Carolina Cornsnakes- £65.00
CB2005- Amelanistic Cornsnakes (females)- £65.00
CB2005- Amelanistic Cornsnakes (Male)- £45.00
CB2005/6- Anerthrystic Cornsnakes (Female)- £65.00
CB2005/6- Anertrystic Cornsnakes (Males)- £45.00
CB2004- Hypomelanistic Cornsnake (Adult male)- £65.00
CB2007- Classic/Carolina Cornsnakes- £27.50
CB2007- Classic Motley Cornsnakes- £50.00
CB2007- Amelanistic Cornsnakes- £30.00
CB2007- Amelanistic Het Butter Cornsnakes- £32.50
CB2007- Amelanistic Het Ghost Cornsnakes- £32.50
CB2007- Amelanistic Reverse Oaketee Cornsnakes- £45.00
CB2007- Amelanistic Striped Cornsnakes- £55.00
CB2007- Amelanistic Motley Cornsnakes- £60.00
CB2007- Anerthrystic Cornsnakes- £30.00
CB2007- Butter Cornsnakes- £50.00
CB2007- Pastel Striped Cornsnakes- £65.00
CB2007- Poss Het Lavender/Hypo Cornsnakes- £40.00
CB2007- Miami Cornsnakes- £40.00
CB2007- Miami Het Amel Cornsnakes- £45.00
CB2006- Japanese Ratsnake X Cornsnake-(36”) £25.00
CB2007- Rootbeer Cornsnakes (Copper)-(28”) £25.00
CB2007- Moellendorfs Ratsnakes- £475.00
CB2007- Bamboo Ratsnakes- £295.00
CB2007- Red Tailed Racers- £125.00
CB2007- Hi Yellow Radiated Ratsnakes- £50.00
CB2007- Subradiated Ratsnakes- £80.00
CB2007- T+ Albino Taiwan Beauty Snakes- £200.00
CB2007- Taiwan Beauty Snakes- £40.00
CB2007- Ridleys Cave Racer- £200.00
CB2007- Vietnamese Blue Beauty Snake- £120.00
CB2007- Diones Ratsnakes- £35.00
CB2007- Amur Ratsnakes- £45.00
CB2007- Aesculapian Ratsnakes- £55.00
CB2007- Japanese Four Lined Ratsnakes- £35.00
CB2006- Japanese Four Lined Ratsnakes- £70.00
CB2006- Japanese Ratsnakes- £70.00
CB2007- True Everglades Ratsnakes- £35.00
CB2007- Deckerts Ratsnakes- £27.50
CB2007- White Sided Texas Ratsnakes- £50.00
CB2007- Bairds Ratsnakes- £35.00
CB2007- Mexican Night Snakes- £100.00
CB2006- Fox Snake- £65.00
CB2004- Yellow x Black Ratsnakes- £35.00
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Old 24-12-2007, 06:43 PM
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CB2003- Adult Proven Male Het Albino Honduran Milksnake- £100.00
CB2004- Adult Proven Female Honduran Milksnake- £80.00
CB2006- Het Albino Honduran Milksnake- £60.00
CB2006- Tangerine Honduran Milksnake- £45.00
CB2007- Tri-colour Hypo Honduran Milksnakes- £55.00
CB2007- Tangerine Vanishing pattern pinstripe Hypo Honduran Milksnake- £90.00
CB2007- Anerthrystic Honduran Milksnake- £75.00
CB2007- Double Het Ghost Honduran Milksnakes- £65.00
CB2007- Het Hypo Tangerine pinstripe vanishing pattern Honduran Milks- £65.00
CB2003- Sinaloan Milksnake- £65.00
CB2002/3/4- Adult Albino Nelson’s Milksnakes (2.3 available)-all proven- £175.00 each
CB2007- Conant’s Milksnakes- £65.00
CB2007- Mexican Milksnakes- £55.00
CB2005- Albino Grey Banded King X Nelson’s Milk (75% grey band)- £125.00
CB2006- Albino Queretaro Kingsnakes- £75.00
CB2007- Albino Queretaro Kingsnakes- £60.00
CB2007- Queretaro Kingsnakes- £40.00
CB2007- Blotched Kingsnakes- £35.00
CB2007- Eastern Chain Kingsnakes- £35.00
CB2007- Banded Coastal Californian Kingsnakes- £27.50
CB2007- Abberant Albino Californian Kingsnakes- £27.50
CB2007- Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes- £70.00
CB2007- Huachuca Mountain Kingsnakes- £70.00
CB2007- Grey Banded Kingsnakes- £67.50
CB2007- Thayers Kingsnakes- £55.00
CB2007- Bull Snakes- £40.00
CB2007- Sonoron Gopher Snakes- £40.00
CB2007- Northern Mexican Pine Snakes- £125.00
CB2007- Ceylonese Cat Eyed Snakes- £125.00


CB2007- Normal Leopard Geckos- £30.00
CB2007- Hypomelanistic Leopard Geckos- £35.00
CB2007- Leucistic Leopard Geckos- £40.00
CB2007- Chocolate Albino Leopard Geckos- £40.00
CB2007- Adult Normal Male Leopard Gecko- £55.00
CB2007- Adult Female Super Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko- £75.00
CB2007- Crested Geckos- £50.00
CB2007- Dalmation Crested Geckos- £55.00
CB2007- Flame Crested Geckos- £60.00
CB2007- Gargoyle Geckos- £50.00
CB2007- Madagascan Giant Day Gecko- £65.00
WC- Fan Footed Geckos- £10.00
CB2007- Bearded Dragons- £50.00
CB2007- Grown on Bearded Dragons- £65.00
CB2007- Australian Water Dragons- £75.00
WC- Green Tree Monitors (Fully acclimatised)- £1500.00 the pair
LTC- White Throat Monitor- £80.00
CF07- Bosc Monitors- £45.00
CB06- Red Tegus- £150.00
CB07- Yemeni Chameleon male- £65.00
CB07- Yemeni Chameleons Females- £45.00
LTC- African Fire Skinks- £40.00
WC- White Eyed Crocodile Skinks- £65.00
WC- Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks- £75.00


CB06- Leopard Tortoises- £100.00
CB06- African Spurred Tortoises- £110.00
CB07- Spur Thigh Tortoises- £100.00
CB06- Horsefields Tortoises- £95.00
CF07- Yellow Bellied Sliders- £15.00


LTC- False Tomato Frogs- £35.00
LTC- Tiger Legged Monkey Frogs- £35.00
LTC- Red Eyed Tree Frogs- £35.00
WC- Whites Tree Frogs- £15.00
WC- Egyptian Toads- £5.00
LTC- Eastern Tiger Salamander- £35.00

Enquire about arachnid selection in store.

We are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years day. The rest of the time open as normal apart from New Years Eve when it will be 11-2pm.

Kind Regards Charles Thompson
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Old 25-12-2007, 12:56 AM
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do you tnt stock in fair weather?

merry christmas
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Old 28-12-2007, 07:49 PM
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yea i'd also like to know if you courier, i did email you but recieved no reply

if so how much to london please
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Old 28-12-2007, 07:54 PM
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we dont courier, if you want to arrange courier services it is at your own risk. We dont advise it certainly not in this weather.
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Old 03-01-2008, 01:41 AM
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excellent shop this is its about a hour or so from me but been a few times great varitiy and all reps well fab conditions

free bump
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Old 03-01-2008, 10:38 AM
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whats the size of the rock chaz mate?
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Old 05-01-2008, 08:41 PM
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do you have still for sale CB2007- Aesculapian Ratsnakes- £55.00??
### snakes for sale # boas and pythons ###
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Old 16-01-2008, 07:59 PM
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pmed u
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