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Originally Posted by Mr Mustachio View Post
No need for UV lighting. No need for moon lighting. Keep temp stable and humidity between 40-50 percent. A light to medium mist once a week with warm water will achieve this. Mist twice if snake is in shed (mine was a problem shedder, so ignore if snake sheds without aid).

Just live your normal life with regards to lighting. BCI are by and large lazy creatures (as are most snakes). They will for the most part only move between hides until they get hungry. When they are active they are hungry. Mine only ever got feed when she was 'hunting'. This ranged from 2 weeks between feeds to 2 months. Aged 2 she was a very muscular 6 foot snake.

You need to start checking dates before you reply......

I can't believe how cheap I'm doing him for now !!!
4 gene male dwarf Retic £400
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dwarf retic
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Originally Posted by Bradleybradleyc View Post
You need to start checking dates before you reply......

Ah...I figured it would be a popular discussion so gave it no thought.
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Smile Handling after eating

Would you recommend waiting literally 48hours post feed before handling a bci to avoid regurgitation etc?

Or is it a little more lenient (ie 36hours is OK)?

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A ton of info in here. Most good. I would disagree with the 50-60 humidity. These days it's generally agreed that in the 70-75% range is better. And feeding every 2 weeks for an adult to too much. Med rats every 3-4 weeks large every 4. Bigger than that start looking 4-6 depending on activity level. And "Colombians" are not red tails. They have red tails when they are younger but the bi/bci/colombian is not a true red tail. Your suriname/guyana etc bcc is a true red tail. There are cross breeds and the occasional but very rare true Columbian red-tail but the ones that are generally sold as red tail are not true Red Tails. A lot of good information but some needs to be updated
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