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Originally Posted by l8on View Post
I hear people saying things like this about a heat mat and then theres other people saying its better to scrap the matt and fit a ceramic bulb for ambient temp. But i thought snake needed heat through there bellies. Please someone clear this up thanks

I think snakes will absorb heat through both their bellies mostly (lying on warm object) and through the sun!

Heat mat's are fine as long as they are on a stat (which you do) and they act as the warm object for the snake to lay on and absorb heat!

If using an over head heater (ceramic) this will replace the sun and warm objects directly below for the snake to sit on and warm up by absorbing heat through their bellies!

If your setup works and your happy with your temps and that your royal is eating shedding and growing well,
I think your doing a pretty good job and should stick by what works for you!

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Ultratherm is a brand made in Scotland. The best I have ever used, I trust them they just feel better made. (eco, zoo med, RB, flexwatt repti heat and kane are brands I have used too.) Kane are fantastic but the price is quite high for them not sure if they are available in the UK however...

Overhead or belly heat it doesn't matter the correct hot spot and ambients are all that matter.
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So my digital thermometer came today, I've not got my thermostat yet that should be coming today, I've got a 14watt heat mat and its currently 90.1f I just read it should be about that is the hottest part but I've seen a few setups where the people said they're running theirs at about mid 80's would that be hot enough if I ran it about 87f or so? Baring in mind there's no substrate in it just yet its just on the bottom of the Viv

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Small snakes don't really need 90F hot spot, personally I have always used an 88F for them. Personally (again) I set my system up to deliver the hottest I would want to see ON the bottom below everything. (IE a baby Royal say 90F on the floor an adult I use 92F) the substrate insulates some so it drops on top of the substrate but if it is pushed aside it doesn't matter.

I would suggest when all the parts arrive set it up fully, substrate hides water bowl with water ect. before you get the snake! This way you can spend the time adjust how much substrate water bowl position/size and make you tweeks with no animal in harms way. It can change a fair bit with cage stuff.

Remember to check the air temp too not just the surface temps! Ideally with a hot spot it should be around 80F and I would suggest no cooler (for extended times anyway) than 74F.
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