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Default Snake reacted to fly spray?

Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this..

Our Corn snake shed his skin a couple of weeks ago and now he looks patchy, as if he's missing scales, and generally just doesn't look very well.

We've been having a massive clear out of our house recently, and had used some fly spray to kill some of the pests. Our snake is located at the front of the house and he was kept separate and ventilated for a few hours before the door was re-opened (I made sure to ventilate the house thoroughly before hand).

I was wondering if anyone knew if this was the sprays doing, or possibly something else?


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It sounds like you've taken reasonable precautions with the spray to be fair.

When you say it looks like he's missing scales, do you mean he has actually lost the scales so the skin is visible, or the top layer has come off like he's just shedding badly?

If it's the former, you should take him to a vet as scales actually falling of is fairly serious and you'll need to have it seen to. If it's not caused by physical injury then I'd be very concerned about his health.

When your corn shed, was it complete or were parts missing? If it was missing patches or individual scales could this be what you're seeing. If it is then giving him a soak in lukewarm water should help to loosen any that are left. It's most important to check for the tip of the tail and the eyecaps.
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Have you got a picture

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Sounds like you took reasonable precautions. Scalation issues doesn't sound like toxic reactions to me. Do you know what chemical is in the spray? Some are more reactive for reptiles than others.
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