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Old 14-03-2008, 12:25 PM
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Default Temps and Humidity Help

Hey Guys i am in need of some confirmation on temperatures and humidity settings for my snakes. I have used the temps that i have found on care sheets and books.. but there can be alot of variation between different books.

What temp and humid for

Irian Jaya Carpet Python

Red Tail Boa

Green Tree Python

Thanks Very Much Guys/Gals
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Old 15-03-2008, 12:11 PM
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personally i gave up on measuring humidity long ago,for gtps spray the cage and time how long it is after the glass fogs up until the cage is dry again,so long as the glass is fogged for a couple of hours the humidity will be in the right zone,experiment with spraying once/twice/three times a day if the fogging doesnt stay around long enough,you dont want constant very high humidity,more a cycle of high falling away to dry after several hours,bear in mind that you want decent airflow too,this prevents stagnation of the air in the cage.
so fiddle with the vents and the spraying until you can easily reach 90-100% after spraying and then this falls away during the day to being pretty much dry,increase the spraying for sloughing though,a wet cage and a good slough beats a dry cage and a crap slough any day,i'm sure others will input on this as well,just saying what has worked for me.
if you are dealing with neonates-yearlings in plastic tubs you probably wont need to spray, a large water dish overlapping the bottom heat will usually keep things nicely humid with no further spraying needed,again you need to balance ventilation against humidity.
fiddle and experiment with your cages before getting snakes in them,then watch their behaviour closely,the snakes will tell you if things are ok or not.
regards gaz

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