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Old 30-11-2016, 01:20 PM
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Default New Viv - Heating, lighting, misting...

Hi guys,

Regular reader, not so regular poster - I had to sign up with a new account as I could not reactivate my old one after a password reset (email came through, clicked link, but would never reset password!).

Anyways, I've been building a new viv for my Boa, and it's reaching the closing stages. I now have to get all the electrics sorted, but am a little unsure of the direction I should go with it.

Basically, I've created a rainforest scene with polystyrene/expanding foam, which has 2 shelves on the left side, a pool and waterfall in the middle, and a "dead tree" on the right side where the snake can go inside to hide or on top to chill. The tree and the shelves are connected via a branch which runs over the pool. The size of the viv is 5x2x3 (LxDxH). It's a permanent pool feature, but has a drainage system put in place for easy cleaning (pull the hose out from underneath, open the tap, out the water comes!)

The idea in my head is as follows:
  • Basking spot on the left shelf on dimming stat
  • Ceramic heater 2/3rds across for ambient temp
  • Misting system to maintain humidity
  • LED lighting for ambient lighting during the day

With this in mind, I've been looking at the Microclimate Evo Pro to control the dimming hot spot through one channel, and the misting system through the other channel. Then use my existing pulse stat for the ceramic for ambient temp. And use a simple on/off timer for the LED lighting.

However, with the size of the pool, and the waterfall in operation, I'm having second thoughts about the humidity control and misting system, and sacrifice this for the standard Microclimate Evo, and do away with the on/off timer. But then I lose the humidity monitoring of the Pro.

I'd like to hear your much valued opinions on whether I'm going in the right direction with this? I need the viv to be almost self sustaining in regards to heating, lighting and humidity, and cost isn't an issue. But bear in mind, the WHOLE viv is covered in fake rock except the ceiling, so something like an AHS is out the question.

I'm about to shell out for the electrics I need, but don't want to buy things without some reassurance

I'm dying to show off my work so far... but want to wait until it's finished for full effect
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Old 30-11-2016, 01:24 PM
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If you can let us know your previous username, we should be able to get the account back up and running.
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Hi Stephen, many thanks for the offer, I'm not overly concerned about it though, I never made a lot of posts. But it was "EvilDes".
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Old 01-12-2016, 01:26 PM
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Nevermind, went for the Evo Pro, and will set up as stated.

This place used to be heaving! But guess that's the way forums are going in general. And I guess I've asked one of "those" questions... "Not agaaaaiiin!"

Now need a decent misting system.
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Old 01-12-2016, 11:31 PM
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Hi guys just a quick question and would like to get a few opinions on the following question.
When I purchased my corn snake the reptile shop recommended that I keep him in a small rub,but on visiting other reptile shops I've been getting mixed opinions about it with some saying putting him in a bigger vivarium will be fine as long as I have several hiding places for him.
What would you snake owners recommend?
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Old 30-01-2017, 11:18 PM
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Hi, if you haven't got one already, I can recommend the mistking system. I have it running 4 separate vivs. Easy to set up and works! All the best
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boa , fake rock , polystyrene , vivarium

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