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Default Tank set up questions

Hi guys,
I'm picking up my first snake this week. She's coming from the pet store I work at and she's a normal ball python. She's about 2-2.5 feet. I have to questions about tank set up.
1. any suggestions for decor? Her water bowl will be Tupperware for now and I'm struggling to find a hide for her. I'm going to a reptile expo next month though but for now I wanted suggestions on things to add to her tank to make her happy.
2. The tank (75 gal) I got came with an iron stand so the bottom has a shelf. I was wondering if eventually, I could put another tank on the bottom shelf? Would it be too heavy or would the lights be too close to the upper tank? Not sure what I would put there yet.
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Why not read similar post in the forum, for example http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/forum...ce-please.html which outline the disadvantages of using tanks for keeping royals.

As far as decor, a china dog / cat / rabbit bowl will do for water. You need something heavy otherwise it will tip over. Hides can be anything, cardboard boxes, cork bark, bits of old pipe with large diameter, I've even used cardboard tubes from rolls of carpet (about 8" diameter), cut in half length ways. Plastic vine type plants and some branches wold also be ideal to give cover and the opportunity to climb


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