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Default Newbie advice needed please - tank size etc....

Hi everyone,

Newbie here! Sorry to bother you with some of the usual type questions….!
I just got my first snake about a week ago – a 4 month old 20” Enchi female weighing 160g, whom I have called Honey.

At the moment she is in a plastic tub, 15” L x 12” W x6” H. She has a ‘Prorep’ heat mat and ‘Habistat Pulse-Proportional’ thermostat, medium hide, water bowl and a long branch to climb along. She seems quite happy there, exploring the whole tub, climbing/lying on the branch and of course spending most of the day in her hide.

She has apparently shed several times already and is about to do so again. She is a good eater of frozen (thawed) mice. The guy from the reptile shop I got her from said to feed her every 5-7 days. Which would be better? If I fed her every 5 days as opposed to 7 would this optimise her growth rate, just make her fatter or would it not make any significant difference?

When I take her out to handle she seems very happy with it, apart from being a bit head-shy. She is extremely curious, can move quickly when she wants to and loves to explore our entire double bed etc. She doesn’t seem to be stressed, at least not as far as my newbie opinion goes.

However, my main question is about tank size. I’ve heard so many contradictory opinions and am somewhat confused….

I’ve bought (but not yet assembled) an MFC (with locking glass doors obviously) vivarium for her. It measures 24” L x 15” W x 15” H.

It will have the heat mat (10” x 11”) at one end (in a ‘Vivexotic’ heat mat holder, positioned behind the end of the left wall, as per the instructions). Substrate will be 17mm astroturf (I was told this is a great material to use). I will be using plenty of hides, branches, some artificial leaves hanging from the walls etc, so as to give her a space filled with lots of stuff rather than a fairly bare and ‘open’ looking tank.

The heatmat of course has a temperature probe, which will be attached to the centre of the mat inside the left hand side of the tank. There will be an analogue hygrometer in the middle of the rear tank wall and a digital thermometer with the probe also attached to the middle of the back wall. In addition there will be a cheap adhesive aquarium type thermometer stuck on the right end of the tank on the rear wall.

Lighting is via a 2ft ‘White Python Daylight White LED Modular Strip Reptile Light Kit’ for daytime use, and to pimp it out a little a bit I have a ‘Lucky Reptile Night Sky LED Moonlight Set’ of 3 blue LEDs to give some illumination in the dark when the white LED strip is switched off. I have a dimmer for both of the lights.

So now to my main question! Is this new vivarium going to be too big and intimidating for her? My idea was to put her current tub, with the lid off, at the warm end of the new tank and give her the option of what to do. I don’t want to freak her out by giving her too much space related to her size, but have read things on the web that say that a set-up as I am describing could be absolutely fine for her.

I appreciate that this is a long and rambling post with many questions which have been covered before, but any advice and/or comments would really be appreciated. Like I said I am a newbie and have been following advice from internet care sheets and so on, but would rather have real world experience from you guys to help me out!

So thanks to all of you who have read this and any help would be great.

Thanks in advance people!

Peace out from Honey and myself!
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