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Exclamation Hognpse Bite, Quite Bad? What to do?

Hey guys, So yesterday i had my Westeren Hognose out for a while and i think he miss took my finger for food, he latched on and i couldnt get him off for a solid 2-3 minutes. I eventually got him off but my finger has now turned black/blue and i can feel it XD Also my hand has swelled to the size of a golf ball. Any idea of what i can do to help it? I went to A&E and they were useless as know one knew anything about it so im relying on you guys really XD

Cheers, All answers appreciated!
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Ian reported a bad reaction to a western hognose as reported here http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/forum...-snakes-2.html when the discussion of being bitten came up on one of the previous discussions on venomous snakes.

If you are concerned go back to A&E, or an A&E at a different hospital.
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I was bitten by my hognose last year.
I ended up spending 5 days in hospital.
I would definitely go back to A&E. Especially if there have been the changes to your hand as you say!

Attached a couple pics of my incident.
The bite was on the back of my hand. And the swelling spread down my arm. Then the blister appeared, eventually burst and then I was left an absolute mess of an arm to heal.

They said my arm was very similar to a burn reaction. They had me on fluids all the time to flush it all out my system. And painkillers. The swelling was the worst. Felt like my arm would explode. Crazy.
I still have kind of odd skin around the inside of my elbow where the worst of the damage was.
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Yes you need to go to A & E.
Your symptoms are very typical of hognose envenomation. There is also the risk of secondary infection.
There are a number of well documented envenomated bites.
You need to tell them that you have been bitten by a venomous snake. Provide full details of the species. They should then be liaising with specialist units such as Guys Hospital Poisons Unit (if it still exists) and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicines.
The symptoms you describe do need medical attention.
Chances are it will clear up but don't take chances.
Hognose venom is poorly understood, but every now and again extreme cases of envenomation crop up.
And no, it's not an allergic reaction.
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