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Default UVB & lighting question

Hi all, I have a KSB and will be getting an Angolan python soon. Getting custom PVC cages made. For KSB, will be 12" high (his current cage is 12" with fluorescent light). 28" wide and 20" deep. For the Angolan, cage will be 24" high, 28" wide, and 36" deep. Will be using RHP for both and they will be mounted off to one side.

In looking at the Ferguson zones, seems like KSB would be 1, and at that height, the only UVB light that looks possible is the Arcadia Reptile shade dweller: https://www.arcadiareptile.com/light...init5-uvb-kit/
However, that light is only 12" long. My questions are (1) does my conclusion on the light sound right, (2) do I need additional lighting? and (3) should I run the UVB length-wise near the RHP to more accurately create the effect of sunlight (realize KSB's burrow most of the time, and my guy mostly does, but he likes to come out a bit each day)?

For the Angolan, seems like the Arcadia UVB 6% is the appropriate bulb. And same questions as above. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi, yes for the sand boa the Shade Dweller would be perfect. It does not need to run across the length of the viv, in fact it is actually better that it only covers a portion of the viv to one side (the same side the heat is on).

Sand Boas are of course secretive creatures but they do bask occasionally (I have seen wild Eryx jaculus basking in direct sunlight on Corfu).

The same goes for the Angolan. Best to place the light bulb to one side of the viv, so covering about a third to a half of the length of the enclosure (same side as the heater) and that way the animal has a shady spot away from the light if it wants to use it. Obviously do remember in both cases to provide plenty of hides and cover under the light and heater too so the snakes can thermoregulate without exposing themselves if they want to.

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