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Default Advice on lump in lower 3rd of Arizona mountain kingsnake

Hi there, im new to the forum.

I have noticed a hard lump in the lower 3rd of my Arizona mountain kingsnake, about 2 inches up fromt his vent.

He's not a proven male, and not a consistent eater.

(7th October) We tried soaking him in 22-23°c water for 10-15 minutes. But he started to hiss and sneeze the water out of his airways, so i panicked a bit an took him out of the water after around 10 minutes.

He hasnt done any pooping since 5th October, when we first noticed the lump. He did do a small one a few days prior though.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated and used for our little warrior.
Thankyou so much

We may try to give him a bath again today, but he hasnt eaten for 2 weeks now, and with being a picky eater he isnt the fattest of the snakes. So i am sure if i should feed him or not. I dont want him to get so weak that he cant pass anything, but also dont want to make it worse by adding more food to the blockage. (If thats what it is)
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Advice... Take it to a vet

The majority of members here are not qualified vets so can't diagnose what the cause may be, and certainly not without images of the snakes condition, and the set up.

It may be something as simple as constipation, or it could be an abscess or something more serious. The ONLY person to advise is a vet who can examine the snake hands on.


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I completley agree with Malc.

Call an exotic vet & get the little fella checked out - better to be safe than sorry
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