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spigotbush 16-10-2019 02:00 PM

four lined snakes
i am a little bit enamoured with four lined snakes. as usual for me though, the species that strikes a chord seems thin on the ground and with limited info. everything i have found out about them really appeals to me.
does anyone in the uk breed them? i'm assuming they are available somehow as i couldnt find anything saying they are a cites listed species.
also any good places to do some reading about caring for them?

Malc 16-10-2019 02:15 PM

Ian14 had a male up for sale a couple of years back. It was sold to Andrew G, so I would suggest dropping either a PM to see if they have anything for sale, or could point you in the right direction. I'm sure they will also provide you with guidance on husbandry as well

Malc 16-10-2019 02:20 PM

Also, whilst I get slated for suggesting it, the search function does work. :whistling2: Here's an old thread, with links to other threads started by members who are still active and current

spigotbush 16-10-2019 02:24 PM

yeah i have seen that one, its the only one i have seen in the flesh. lovely looking snake too. its one of the main reasons i am looking at one of my own. that and seeing a bit about the festival of snakes in cocullo.

given the things i have read it is curious that they are not more popular. i even tried looking at european breeders and couldnt find very much about people having them.

should have used the search, sorry. will read through that.

Thrasops 16-10-2019 05:00 PM

I have some. Very hardy and easy snakes to look after, grow into big, stately, docile animals. The ontogenetic change is really cool although part of me wishes they retained their juvenile colours.

Care is simplicity itself, you can basically keep them like a Corn snake, only with a correspondingly larger enclosure. 4x2x2 seems an acceptable minimum, but these snakes can grow quite large and rather girthy so I'd personally suggest something a bit bigger, making sure they have space to climb and explore.

That said, they are not the most active of rat snakes and don't seem to appreciate stuffy conditions or too much heat. A localised basking spot with surface temperatures reaching about 40c is fine, rest of the enclosure can be room temperature.

The animals in the hobby today seem fairly mixed up when it comes to locality and bloodlines (a cost of them becoming rarer than they used to be) so the previous subspecies are VERY hard to come by as 'pure locality' animals and what you are most likely to find are mixed blood animals. Still great pets though.

Faye da Costa has advertised some babies for the SRAS show next Sunday too.

spigotbush 17-10-2019 09:58 AM

from what i have read i think i could care for them easily enough. i would be building a viv to suit so size is no great problem, it would be built as big as necessary. i would be putting a few chunky branches in as i see a lot of pictures of them lounging around in trees.

i couldnt say what it is in particular that attracts me to them, but i think "big, stately and docile" sums it up pretty well there thrasops.

i am not really looking for this year really. we are likely to move sometime soon and i have one baby snake already for this year. i am also very conscious of quietly finding myself with more work than i can sensibly deal with. i would happily go out and get a whole mess of snakes but its not wise. so if i know who to get in touch with and i can get everything built up to suit then that seems the best way to go.
plus my mum is getting keen on a group of garters. which is funny for a woman who 6 months ago said snakes were "creepy and urgh!" and now looks at ads and tells me how cute they are.

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