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Default Mites on royal python aged 8 weeks

My daughter has just been given a baby royal python after someone bought it and decided they didn’t want it 2 days later. She has seen mites on it and we just need advice on what to do, have watched YouTube tutorials but we are worried about what to use with it being so young. Could anybody please advise us?
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100% use taurrus/predator mites. They hunt down and eat the snake mites, so there is zero risk to your royal python. You order them off the Internet and sprinkle them in the vivarium.

Most of the videos on YouTube will be from the US. They have such a ridiculous love of chemicals over there and few of the products they love to use aren't available over here.
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I used them on a wild caught black African house snake I bought this year. I'd only seen one snake mite, but bought taurrus mites and I've not seen another snake mite since. I've got enough going on without having a mite infestation too. Once the snake mites have been eaten, the predator mites die off with no food source.
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Top right of this snake section there is an option "search this forum". Select it and enter "mites" and then sit down with a cuppa and have a read through all the previous posts that deal with how to cure.

Best option is a spray - directions on how to use it can be found in those search results


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Callingtons mite spray.
Just take out the water dish, spray inside and out and leave for 7 days. Pop the water dish back in after 24 hours.
Repeat 7 days later.
No more mites.
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