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Default emerald tree boas and green tree pythons

is there much difference? is it just where they come from? do they have a difference in temperament?
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Originally Posted by nickjlucey View Post
is there much difference? is it just where they come from? do they have a difference in temperament?

No its not just where they come from, they are similar snakes but do have differences!

Difference in temprement...ive never owned any of them but from what i gather from literature ETBs are more aggressive.
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Corallus caninus is from South America and Morelia viridis from New Guinea, some Indonesian islands and a tiny slice of coastal north Queensland (mainly Iron Range national park - the assumption is that they visited from NG when there was briefly a land bridge and were marooned when sea levels rose again).

They're a nice example of convergent evolution and, as you probably know, aren't closely related. But beyond their overt morphology, they have less obvious shared characteristics that stem from their lifestyles - they've both got particularly long teeth, for example.

For the same reasons they have a lot of shared behavioural characteristics, and are both quite grumpy buggers. Aneocdotally, Emeralds are supposed to be more so, but that might just be because GTPs are captive bred in such numbers these days that they're going through that generational change in temper that seems to happen with all species over time (perhaps because keepers tend to hold onto snakes that are less inclined to bite them, and then end up breeding these?).

Incidentally, the pythons were assumed for ages to eat birds in the wild, until someone bothered to study what they actually do eat, and found that they avoid them completely.

Emeralds are that much harder to get hold of these days.
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Theres a big difference... one is a boa = live birth. One is a python = eggs!

Originally Posted by wildlifewarrior View Post
I cant be bothered with people like that anymore....i just burry them in the garden
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GTP - Morelia Viridis
Python, average size is 4ft, from indonesia/north australia. Lays eggs, average clutch 12-25. 99% turn green as adults after otogenic colour change upon sexual maturity and larger size. Other colours include blue, yellow, various different shades of greens as well as morphs consisting of albinos, calicos, snows, and various phases including mite phase.

ETB - Corallus Caninus
Boa, 2 different locals accepted (northern shield and amazon basin). Northerns average at around 6ft, amazons tend to be bigger (up to 9ft). From south america ranging from surinam to peru. Gives birth to live young between 6 and 14. Few "morphs" considered and rarely seen. Northerns are paler and show less white than the basins, basins are known for their white dorsel stripe often with triangular markings down the stripe. Emeralds are also (i believe) known to have the largest fangs in preportion to their body of any non-venomous snake.

They are 2 TOTALLY different species of snake, though are a perfect example of convergent evolution. (2 animals from geographicly different parts of the world sharing similar evolution processes)

Both are noted for their agression, however, basin emeralds are known for being more placid than northerns, and some GTP localities are noted as being either more agressive (biak) or more laid back (aru). However, these are purely based on groups of animals, and not on every individual, as several people have calmer northern emeralds, or agressive arus etc.

Both species are regarded as "display" snakes. I.e Look but dont touch. As youngsters they are prone to spinal damage when handled or forced from their resting "coil". This can lead to major spine related problems including kinking, problems deficating etc.

Hope that helps a little.

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