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Old 30-06-2009, 08:52 PM
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Default help corn eggs

i just got home and there is 12 eggs in the viv can anyone help
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Help with what, do you want to keep the eggs and make them hatch?
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Default eggs

dont no what to do with them
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Old 30-06-2009, 10:11 PM
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You need to get a small tupperware box...Fill it with vermiculite that has had water added to it (warm water) until it is the consistency of porrige...It needs to clump together when wet, but not be dripping!

Place the eggs in the vermiculite in the box and put a row of small air holes in top of box...dont bury the eggs, just nestle them gently in!

Try not to spin or rotate the eggs...I mark the tops with a felt tip marker. Put the box into a viv and raise whole thing up of heat mat a couple of inches..You can make little boxes out of chicken wire to sit your boxes on. Have a mat stat controling mat and keep temps around 28-30c.

After about 52 days the eggs should start to need to open the box every day to check eggs, and take extra humidity of top of box. if the eggs start to collapse, add more water, but dont spray the eggs or you will get mould. I just gently lift them out, readjust my humidity by addin more water to vermiculite, and replacing eggs exactly as they were.

If you cant afford a professional incubator or have a poly box set up this should work ok...good luck!!
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