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Default Yellow Anaconda help and advice

Just seeing what is the best advice and personal opinions on keeping yellow anacondas.
All advice is much appreciated.

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Well There decent snakes to keep most are semi aggressive but not all and they can be calmed. In the process of calming the snake be prepared for a few bites babies and sub adults really don't hurt. around 10ft is when it gets painful.

Males aver9-10ft femaies12-14ft

They like lots of water and poop constantly it seems some days so cleaning is more frequently needed than other species. Having said that alot of breeders have turned away from the large water bowls and just keep the humidity high with a small water bowl for drinking. they have success with this method.

I personally have a soft spot for the yellows one fo my favorite snakes. I had 5 up till this past weekend now I have 3 due to space and time. More cause of time than space. I gave 1.1 to a good friend of mine. They are very interesting snakes curious and aggressive all at the same time.

Hope this helps
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Old 21-08-2007, 11:07 PM
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well i hear there aggressive and stuff..but there stunning animals,my mate is thinking of getting one..he is a tool..oh,its you!!!hahahaha
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i think they are awesome little beasties like boas on crack lol
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Old 22-08-2007, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by linklee View Post
well i hear there aggressive and stuff..but there stunning animals,my mate is thinking of getting one..he is a tool..oh,its you!!!hahahaha
LOL only a good mate could take the pee like that and get away with it....

The guy whos asking about anacondas.....I personally think if you have any doubts about agressive snakes and you dont already own a few agressive ones already then I wouldnt bother for now unless you dont mind the agression. Im not saying that they will always be agressive but its something you take a chance with and have to accept if it does occur ....Afterall an Anaconda is not just for christmas.......LOL....If you want something that stunning similar colouring and large but with "Possibly less aggression" then why not go for a Tiger retic or a Jungle jag......coastal carpets are one of my particular favourites at the moments and are generally teddy bears when fully grown.

I personally love quite agressive snakes as well though, to me it gives them personality and I have snakes which are both unrealistically tame and agressive as hell ( I got a Texas Rat who is a witch and my partner whos like 6ft 2 and loves snakes does not handle her at all - but i love her to bits) ...but due to my tiny frame (im a girl under 5 ft) I wouldnt get anything large and agressive.......its all personal really but the yellow anacondas dont seem so big and if you dont mind getting bitten, which I dont anymore then its worth a shot.....It might be worth spending time with an person who owns some and see if they are for you or not....

I always see it as wrong to get a snake and then decide to get rid of it because its too aggresive or you dont feel comfortable around it.. It makes me sad to think of what a snake might go through psychologically being passed around different owners and new settings each time someone decides thay cant handle it, snakes are sensitive intelligent (questionable with some of mine) creatures with feelings and need to be researched and accepted as possibly aggresive by the person buying them when they buy them ...well those are my opinions and advice.....


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