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longqi 17-10-2013 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by Baldpoodle (Post 11576776)
Excellent thread!
I am after another female at a sensible price.

2 Java based 'farms' just bought 12 scrubbies from hunters near Jayapura last week
4adults and 8 smaller ones
paid 56.000idr each about$5
but will ship them back to Jakarta before shipping overseas I think
Thai trader based in Sorong has both Southern and Central highlands
But most are in poor condition which is unusual for his stock
They will be shipped to Malaysia first

Baldpoodle 30-05-2014 09:42 PM

I just saw this pic on a FB group but I think it must be shown for all to see this great photo.

jivarocomes4u 31-05-2014 09:07 PM

Can anyone help me with the paper mentioned in the initial post?

Harvey, Michael B., David B. Barker, Loren K. Ammerman and Paul T. Chippindale 2000. Systematics of pythons of the Morelia amethistina complex (Serpentes: Boidae) with the description of three new species. Herpetological Monographs 14: 139-185

I can't get it and I would appreciate if someone can send it to me. I really like scrubs and I would like to read a bit more about them before getting one.


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