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Old 08-07-2011, 09:29 AM
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The adult burm was not fun got me on the leg and the bruising looked like someone hit me with a brick the male cali is fine tho just annoying as I've cleaned and handled him changed water infront of him for so long and he still can't tell the diff between my hand and food lol
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Old 08-07-2011, 09:45 AM
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Mine was from a Brazilian rainbow boa about 10 months old and it nicked me 3 times, it didn't actually hurt it was the speed and shock of it that made me jump, although I dis have a dull ache up my arm, but that stuff can just be psychological!

Overall unless its something quite massive it isn't going to do you a great deal of damage or pain lol!
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Old 08-07-2011, 09:49 AM
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Hatchling Corns dont hurt.

10ft Burm does hurt.

Everyone has a different pain threshold, so a bite may hurt one and not another.
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Old 08-07-2011, 10:46 AM
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My first was a Cali King, the first time didn't hurt.
She has had me in tears once, this was when she latched onto my little finger and hooked herself around a piece of slate and tried to pull my hand under her hide like she would a rat. She also chewed.
As already said, the bruising hurts the most, even the chewing isn't so bad until the day after.
I've also had two defensive bites from a 2 month old Boa, that feels like a static shock.
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snake bite

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