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Default How to cure snake bite ? ?

We have many snakes in our locality,specially in monsoon it become a serious problem for us ,So please suggest me some tips Which can be followed immediately after snake bite.
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It depends on what type of snakes you find in the wild near you. If there are venemous ones about (I would have thought likely) then I would look up general advice for dealing with venemous bites, such as moving as little as possible, NOT using tourniquets etc, and get yourself to hospital as quickly as possible if bitten by one.

One of the best things you could do is learn to recognise all of the venemous species you are likely to encounter, so you can tell what has bitten you to medical staff, so they can administer the correct antivenom.

If you get tagged by a non-venemous snake, then all you have to do is give it a quick wipe with antisceptic like with any cut, and then leave it to heal up. Most snake bites cause not a lot more than tiny pin-like punctures, but lots f them. This can make it look a lot worse than it really is, as they tend to look as if they are bleeding a lot more than they are, but are more than likely harmless.

Obviously prevention is better than the cure. There are very few snakes that would prefer to bite you than get away, as non-venemous snakes cannot harm you with a bite, and venemous snakes need their venom to hunt food, and will take time to produce more lost from a defensive bite.

Therefore, if you come across a snake, just leave it alone and it will dissapear pretty quickly, and won't have any reason to bite you. However, a lot of bites are caused by accidentally treading on them, so being careful around fallen logs etc can all help.

This is all just general stuff, and you can find much more useful information on the internet.
Good luck!
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