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Old 23-11-2011, 10:59 PM
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Question Corn Snake Hatchling Feeding Advice?

Hi, you guys probably get this alot.
So i've had this hatchling a week and a day now. When I purchased him they said he was fed on a saturday/sunday. When I tried to feed him on the following sunday he showed no interest whatsoever. I've also thought the pinky could be too big? he is tiny.. Or that it could be that hes nervous in his new home, he has hides etc. I've tried feeding in the vivarium, and in a plastic tub, braining..etc.. still no interest. I rang up where i got him from and they said it could be stressed from moving, or try teasing the snake with the pinkie, tried.. I see other hatchlings in pictures and videos and they look much more thicker than mine, so i'm worried about that too :S the heat mat is normal temp. I know I could wait for longer but because of his thin-ness im just scared he's going to drop dead.. Soo..any advice would be nice
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Old 23-11-2011, 11:07 PM
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give him more time to settle into his new home, try not to disturb him for another few days, then try feeding him.

they're very hardy little people and take a fair while before they starve to death
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I'd try a smaller pinkie or cut one that size in half. I've just got three non eating hatchlings going this way. Two took to it the third I had to force feed. A good tip also is to leave the snake an pinkie in the tub covered with a towel somewhere quiet for an hour an leave them too it. Worked for me.
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Old 24-11-2011, 03:12 AM
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That pinkie looks huge could it be a few days old pink or a rat pink just looks huge to me thats been given by mistake still its suprising how large an item they can manage i would try getting smaller ones or even a full mouse/rat tail might be easyer for it for now, i would leave it for a week no handling then try another warmed up if it doesnt eat i leave them in the entrance of the cave overnight. maybe put a towel over the viv/rub
ive had hatchlings wouldnt take for 2 months then all of a sudden just start eating the one i had was of a pair of calis both the same size by the time it started eating the other was alot bigger still the small one didnt lose any weight and soon caught up to the other

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Old 24-11-2011, 07:55 AM
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That pink looks too big. You need 1 or 2 day old pinkies. I have had 6g non feeding corns able to take a day old pink.

This corn is about 12g here and as you can see the pinky size is fine. You can see how small he is compared to the loo roll tube.

It's only been a week so try not to worry. They can normal go a while without food. I have had a few that didn't eat at all until they were 3 months old. He probably just needs more time to settle to his new home. Plus trying to feed too often can also stress them out so don't be tempted to keep trying more than necessary.

What is the snake normally housed in? Can you give us more details about the set up.
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Old 24-11-2011, 08:28 AM
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Leave him alone for a while. Get yourself a small opaque (not see through) tupperware tub and put a few air holes in the lid - small enough so he can't get out. This weekend put him and an appropriately small pinkie in the tub and put the lid on, put it half on/off the heat mat (put the pinkie on the cold side not on the mat) Leave him there all night then see if he's eaten it in the morning.

You can also do this with a brained pinkie.

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I struggled to get all my corns feeding when I first got them, think its just a case of letting them settle in and keep trying to feed on the same day so they get into routine.
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