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Old 04-07-2012, 10:02 PM
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Default Grieving after snake's death

I know there are going to be some people dying to have a joke at my expense for posting this, but I beg you not to as I've been a bit scared to post about this until now. At least give it a couple of nice replies before telling me I'm too soft and pathetic.

I have lost a couple of snakes over the years I've kept snakes. Last month however, I lost my absolute favourite snake, Calamity my hypo black rat. I had been looking for more of them for breeding for a couple of years with no luck and that has got a bit more frantic now as I feel I am totally missing her. It's not that I think I can reproduce her, it's that I want to make more snakes that are as beautiful as she was.

Anyway, that's by the by. I still find myself tearing up when I talk about her and when I post her photos for others. I haven't been this low about others (which makes me feel bad for them as well as stupid). Has anyone else had this? Can any of you big tough guys tell me you've felt like it too or do you all think I'm pathetic? I shouldn't have put that question mark there......
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Kathy you aren't too soft or pathetic or any of those things. you are a caring and loving keeper who has an obvious bond with her charges. when you spend so long admiring your snake, tending to it, spending hours watching and handling then it is, of course, natural to feel this way at such a loss.

I don't think you are silly hun, I think you are just feeling the loss of a much loved family member :hugs: xxx
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I got my first rat snake this year, an Aesculapian, beautiful little thing. Sadly she wasn't meant to be. She died two weeks ago. Hadn't been a great feeder from the start, just not destined to make it I guess. My eyes leaked! They always do when I lose an animal, big or small.

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Oh dear!

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I am sorry to hear about your loss...

It doesn't matter who/what dies... I see the animals we have as more part of the family rather than pets. My missus loves hamsters and gerbils but always gets upset and cries when one dies. It just goes to show you that you are human and noone can fault that.

I love my normal Royal Python to bits and know I will be upset when she passes on.
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I've lost two animals, a baby mountain horned dragon, and a baby corn snake. The MHD overheated, completely my fault, and I was distraught for some time. The baby corn was an escapee, found 8 months later in my neighbours garden, I was over the moon to have her back, bought her a RUB, kitted it out, all the same day. The next day I found her dead. I cried quite a bit for her, after the elation of having her back, it was a double blow.

Don't feel daft Kathy, they are our pets just like a family dog, and no-one would think it daft to mourn a dog.
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I feel no shame when I say I cried when I buried my dog a few years ago.
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Snakes don't get attached to us but we sure do to them and like other pets they can become a part of the family.
It's always tragic when a loved pet dies and I'm sure you can be forgiven for being upset.

I'm sorry for your loss.
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you feed them, you watch them search around their viv, you laugh at them, you watch them grow. You worry when they go off their food, you laugh a week later when they eat. you get them out of their vivs and play with them and search hi and low when you think you have lost them only to find them in the top of their viv wrapped around that hot light cable.

your not daft of soft you have lost a member of your family. Would people laugh and call you soft if your dog had

I hope you find another snake keep searching someone will have one somewhere.

take care
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no shame at all, breaks your heart when they go. It just shows you care.
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