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Default Healthy poo??

A weird and prob sick question but does any1 have an idea what a healthy snake poo should look like?

or the opposite what do bad poos look like?

u can tell alot from ur pets poo cant u poss even diagnose illness?

just me pondering i know my snakes healthy i'm just curious.

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There should be two bits to it:

The 'urine' bit, which is solid uric acid. It should be white, and when dry, crumbly, quite hard.

The 'poo' bit will be mostly hair (as the peptidases in the snakes stomach digest all protein, except hair and mucin, the protein lining the gut). The poo will there for be the same colour as the mouse you have fed the snake (ish: white mice: brownish poo, black mice: black poo).

There will be more poo than uric acid, probably.

Hope that helps!

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