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Default Temperature drop at night?

So I've been keeping snake for 10 years now and I've always kept them at a constant temperature ad never dropped it over night. After a bit I research apparently this is bad? I've never seemed to have an unhappy snake. Should I be dropping the temps over night?
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Originally Posted by LukeLJB View Post
So I've been keeping snake for 10 years now and I've always kept them at a constant temperature ad never dropped it over night. After a bit I research apparently this is bad? I've never seemed to have an unhappy snake. Should I be dropping the temps over night?
I don't bother dropping temps ever. i find the outside temp of the room drops at night anyway so the ambient temp will drop by a few degrees at night when its colder
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I've never dropped the night time temps with any of mine.
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what kind of snake is it? most are robust however some of the more sensitive species need a bit more attention. I provide a night time drop for my etb for example but not for my carpet python
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i have a kingsnake that is native to where i live and i simply have a 60 watt light over it... i turn on the lamp in the morning and warm him up for a few hours and then turn it off and allow the snake to cool to room temps and cool overnight...

just like it is in the woods here... the snake becomes active when the light is on and does it's thing... then, when the light is turned off the snake just crawls into it's hide and chills till morning...

i believe cycles are better for temperate snakes... their enzymes and metabolism are geared for such fluctuations...

also i keep the snake's cage near a window so that the natural photoperiod cycles are present...

i just think that the natural cycles are good for a temperate snake... helps with the immune system, hormones and other things...

i mean, a tropical snake is adapted to minimal fluctuations and people keep them in fairly stable conditions so why not keep a snake that is adapted to big fluctuations in a dynamic environment?

research should be done on this topic of temperate snakes....

i just have my theory with little to back it up other than my snake thriving...

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What species?? I shut off night time heating for my Corns, as Florida for example has definite shifts in day time / night time temperature (as well as seasonal), so this provides a proper day / night heat cycle more in keeping with their natural habitat.

For my Royals however, I leave the heating on as they are much more temerature sensitive, coming from a climate where temperatures are near static continuously, give or take a few degress either way.
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to be honest never drop them at night myself but the rep room drops a little at night so do the viv temps so never really bothered
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