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That's really helpfull. Thank you.

Just wanted to confirm one thing .... have you got a heat mat aswell as the ceramic ???

I'm new to keeping snakes and thought it was usually one or the other.

I've got a 6 mnth old spinner blast royal python who's in a RUB at the moment but I am looking at maybe putting him in a 2 ft viv or maybe a 3 ft. He's a little bit of a piggy and growing very quick and is confident.

Would a 60w ceramic in the two foot viv be ok. Or not. Would a ceramic and a heat mat be preferred or is this only really required in the larger three foot plus ones.

Also for the subtrate as the viv will be in the living room I was looking at using coco husk chips or lignocel . Different sites seem to have varying opinions.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.
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How much better are the £15 digital thermostats combined with hygrometer that the pet shops sell compared to the three quid ones off ebay.

Many of them look exactly the same except they have one of the popular vivarium makes printed on them ???

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And Iím still on the same ceramic bulbs after all these years... last forever those things
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Originally Posted by mstypical View Post
And Iím still on the same ceramic bulbs after all these years... last forever those things
Great update
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ceramics , thermometers , thermostats , viv set up

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