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Well, there's no arguing with that!
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Originally Posted by loxocemus View Post
black pines are the dark shiny gems of the long leaf pine forests they live in, they are extinct as viable populations in large portions of their range, the de soto national park is probably their last stronghold and their best chance of survival. they used to be much more common in captivity but have fallen out of favor and style thru no fault of their own. as captives they are awesome animals, one of the finest their family has to offer. if you have the chance to produce a next generation of them i highly recommend you do so, there are few species available today where some more interest would benefit their species as a whole. there is a genuine risk they could die out both in captivity and in the wild, every specimen out there is an important part of their chances to remain something other than a memory.

GREAT. And I thought I had settled on a decision finally

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High yellow Jungles everytime, it has to be the Carpets, you know that.
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Black Pines certainly have a lot more 'kudos'

You have to go with the one which interests you most at the end of the day.

I have kept a number of other species, including pits, some rarer than others, and I have to say that very few have ever come close to giving me as much pleasure as carpet pythons.

I thnk the pits generally are great snakes, I like the look of them, but I didn;t find keeping them particularly rewarding. Smae with garters.

Others will be the opposite, I know garter enthusiasts that will think I am off my trolly for prefereing carpets over garters. Its horses for courses at the end of the day, and only you can decide which gives you more pleasure.
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I really, really, really would love to be part of something special by breeding black pines as helping them thrive in the future, but I do get an incredible amount of joy from watching arboreal snakes perch and climb about. And the vivs I'd keep them in are 2ft tall.

I think it's going to be jungles for that reason.
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