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Default Mantis ID please :0)

Hi, a friend of mine works in a garden center and gets the occasional interesting invert pop up in the plant shipments. Could anyone ID this praying mantis so he can take care of it? Thanks
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Mantis ID please :0)-b4b7933c-03a6-4166-964a-b9399752f012_1542147027814.jpeg  

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Originally Posted by Dan5 View Post
Hi, a friend of mine works in a garden center and gets the occasional interesting invert pop up in the plant shipments. Could anyone ID this praying mantis so he can take care of it? Thanks
Don't know the sp but until you get a definite id keep around 70f and feed appropriate sized crickets etc. Mantids LOVE honey so offering this little lass some natural honey via a toothpick will be eaten rapidly.
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Any idea what plants it came in with, or at least where the plants came from? That would at least narrow down the possibilities.
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Old 14-11-2018, 12:47 PM
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Agree with Ian 14 . Keep in a tall container / enclosure , with plenty of perches ie branches sticks that are secured in place , even better the plant it came in on , must have a minimum of triple it’s length in height for successful moulting , imagine it clinging upside down on a branch for moulted to the next stage , it will be bigger and longer after each moult so just bare that in mind . Give us a rough location and we can go from there . I love mantids but by know means an expert , more a spider man . Try and replicate the humidity where the plant came from , will give us a clue for proper ID . Know doubt a mantis man will ID for you . All good ,,do you get other stow aways I’m Interested . All the best Chris
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Default Mantis ID.

Posted your pic on a mantis forum I frequent & it has been Id'd as an Ameles spallanzania, European dwarf mantis. Female & likely to have been mated! Hope this helps.
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