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Default Black beauty stick insects - why are they dying? Advice please..

I acquired about 20 black beauty stick insects a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve had a few which have all shown the same symptoms. Weakness, eyes turning grey rather than yellow and then a slow death.

I’ve been feeding the privet and honeysuckle. The room they’re kept in has a constant humidity of 40-50% which has been the same in their viv therefore I hadn’t sprayed at all.

The first insect I found like this was on a very hot day and I assumed he was drying out, he couldn’t bend his legs or anything and the temps were a little high. Since this day I’ve been spraying the leaves at the top to ensure they have access to moisture if they want it.

Had 2 or 3 more since this day show same symptoms. Is it a case that they’re just naturally coming to the end of their life at the same time or am I doing something wrong? None of them have shed since I’ve had them but if they’re getting stuck shedding I’m unsure why as the humidity has always been between 30 and 50 which is what I was told.

Also, what’s the easiest way to sex them? I have one male who’s huge and chunky but when they’re younger are there any tell tale signs? Thanks
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Sticks generally only live for about a year-a year and a half so if you got them as adults it could just be age?
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