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Default Breeding Ts

Hiya, i want to get a female for my mexican fire leg tarantula at some point and when they are both old enough i would like to mate them. I don’t know how to do this so i was wondering if anyone could tell me how I would go about mating them and then hatching the eggs? Would probs be some time next year
Any help would be great, thanks
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Read breeding reports for the species.

Your female needs to be mature and recently moulted - best to pair Ts 6-8 weeks after the female has moulted, if you leave it too long in her moult cycle she may moult out and then she won't produce an egg sac.

You will need a mature male - fresher the better as long as he has laid a sperm web.

Feed the female well but don't make her fat.

Introduce the male to the females enclosure - have a catch cup ready and large paint brush to separate if necessary and to try and stop the female attacking the male.

The male should start tapping when he senses the female - if receptive the female should tap back to encourage the male. If she doesn't it's probably best to remove the male and try again another day to see if she's more receptive.

If you get a successful pairing - you can try pairing again a couple of days later after the male has made another sperm web.

Feed the female well but again don't make her fat.

Reading breeding reports - some species need more environmental (temps and humidity) changes to encourage egg sac production. Getting a fertile egg sac out of a female is the hardest part.

If you're fortunate - eventually you'll get an egg sac, leave it with the female and she'll take care of it. Best not to feed her at this point.

Again breeding reports will help you decide on what day to pull the sac from her if you want to do that - or let the sac hatch naturally within the enclosure then go through the enclosure picking out all the slings and potting them up.
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