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Default What age to sell scorplings?

So I bought an unsexed WC Heterometrus Cyaneus from a shop last year, did great and was nice and fat. Thought it was just fat til one morning a couple months ago I woke up to see a back full of babies (28 babies to be exact). There are still 2-3 babies in her tank I just can't get to them, they scatter the second you touch the lid and don't want to rip her hide apart to get to them.

After a couple weeks they climbed off so I've housed each of them in their own little RUBs. All have had a couple of feeds but not shed from what I have seen although they are growing and getting more and more dark brown/black on them. But surprising all of them have made it, I was expecting quite a few to die off from what I'd read online but now I'm stuck with a whole load of scorpions I don't really know what to do with.

I was wanted a little advice from more experienced keepers, what age to people normally start selling off scorpions, is it after X number of sheds or feeds?
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Typical aint it?? I have been looking for getting a H.cyaneus early 2020 !! I would love one of those babies,but bet they will all be gone by then!!!!
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I would get them out of the enclosure soon as they stsr colouring up and into little (preferrably clear) deli pots to revent predation, a few small airholes in the pot ,and the pots can be housed collectively inside a larger Rub with a heatmat on side or in a heated cabinet. But then,im probably preaching to someone who already knows that.
I envy the enjoyment you will have watching the little uns getting accustomed to the new homes feeding ,sheddingand growing, it beats watchin t.v.any day!!!!
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