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Default emperor help! (feeding)

My female black emperor scorp has recently had babies and have only seen her eat 2 of her babies and nothing more for about a week now, I know they can last a while but as she has lost lots of weight due to giving birth I am worried. I have tried giving her crickets (blacj and brown) she was intrested in the brown but has not tried to catch any and her tail is limp at all times, just lies to her side. any help would be appriciated.

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How is the temp and humidity?

I think that Emp mums generally don't eat until the babies are off their backs.
I'm sure someone who has more experience breeding emps will be able to tell you for sure soon. Good luck, hope she is ok.

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Old 07-04-2009, 07:33 PM
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i wouldn't worry to much at the mo they can go months!! if shes eaten 2 babies then technicly she has eaten! just be carefull she doesn't eat the rest, make sure shes undisturbed! and offer a locust/cricket every now n again till they leave her back.
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try killing the crickets first she might just not have been able to catch them. it's important that she gets food because of course the babies need to eat as well.
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the babies are off her back and there are crickets in there also for the babies and mum.
thanks all...
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So i think its time to separate the scorplinks, put them in separate containers and feed them pinhead crix.
Keep an eye on the hygro, it is very important at this stage.
Good luck!
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