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Default Spider & invert STICKIES, GUIDES and FAQs: Please read these before posting!

Here is a selection of threads that you should consult before asking a question.

The purpose of this thread is to group up previous stickies or informative posts that cover frequently asked questions without taking up a lot of space on the page, as the previous stickies were mounting up.

General Info

Basic abbreviations and terms for those new to inverts and tarantulas:


A discussion of why binomial (scientific) names are of importance:


A quick guide to sexing your spider:


A reveiw of urticating hairs, a bane for many hobbyists!


A slightly morbid thread showing the dead tarantula for comparison with one moulting:


A guide to housing spiderlings and smaller spiders



If you are looking for a selection of shops that deal in inverts, we have a thread list here:


and for Europe here:


And here is some general advice on buying your first spider or invert:



As well as a helpful list of common names to scientific names to help find out what pink toe you might have


If you decide to buy or sell privately, here are some guidelines to help ship inverts (this method is advocated by many users):



Once you have your specimen, you may find some detailed caresheets in this section:

Invert Care Sheets - Reptile Forums

And if something should go wrong, here is a thread that may help:



Some advice on creating decor and themed tanks (with some photos) can be found here:


Other advice and information:









To suggest a new thread to be added to this sticky please select the report thread button (top right) on the thread you wish to be added, and state that you think it should be considered for addition to the Inverts and Spiders Stickies thread in the box.

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