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Question Phorid flies??

Just wondered whether anyone has encountered these little buggers?? I fed my Turkistan roach colony, and noticed a few little tiny flies running about about a couple of mm's in length. T'internet said they prefer to run rather than take to the wing, which is their exact behaviour, but they are so tiny can't get an exact id from the the hump on the dorsal of the thorax. Any thoughts??

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Old 21-12-2011, 03:00 AM
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There are a number of flies likely to occur within your spider enclosures, most of them being little more than a minor nuisance. Fungus gnats and similar will appear as black flies which seem impossible to catch. They move around your enclosure in short burst and are slow fliers.
Phorid flies are quite different from these in appearance and potential threat. These are also known as scuttle or hunchback flies as they prefer to scuttle away from threat than fly and have an arched back appearance. Ive lost spiders to these, they'll attack egg sacs and prey on weak adults. They smell death and very rapidly multiply with 30-40 eggs laid by each female. The most notable difference is these flies produce maggots which, once they've left their food source of spiders/food items, climb to higher elevations and metamorphosize into the flies. Your cricket tubs will attract these and they'll feed off any remains within.
Ive yet to rid myself completely of these and may have to sell my collection off to remedy it. Its a war I'm losing. You don't want these I can assure you.
The best combat Ive found are cellar spiders and sticky fly papers that you can get from B&Q rather cheaply.
Good luck

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