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Exclamation desert hairy scorpion

i have just bought my 1st desert hairy & wondering about the molting process. I have tarantulas & they need moisture to molt. i have read the desert scorpion should have NO water, which makes me wonder if it needs somethin else to molt
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Nope just keep it warm and dry
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we give ours a very light spray once a month and that is it. Once adult they wont moult again
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..... (sorry i made an invalid comment and can't delete it)
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As mentioned before upon maturity scorpions no longer moult. All desert hairy scorpions in the hobby are WC, and alot of them are adult males (males go out hunting females, get hunted themselves by people out looking for them).

Regarding moisture, they do better with an inch or so under their 6-8inches of sand, with a tube leading in to it, once a month you can add a small ammount of water. Its a more natural way of providing moisture, as they'll burrow to their humidity and moisture requirements. That said, timing adding water with the addition of a small water bowl wouldn't hurt.
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Don't have scorps, but of all the species, they are probably my most favourite.

All the attitude of the DWA cousins, but without the hassles.
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They do need water to drink once in a while and Frozenreptile is absolutely right about the slightly moist burrow.
Now if you use pure sand which is the wrong substrate for these scorps, it won't be achievable.

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Pipe cleaners make great false legs for tarantulas. Paint them to the required pattern and colour.
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molt info , scorpion desert hairy

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