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Sorry folks but we've had to close this thread because 2 banned members have decided they want to continue to disrupt the forum.

Dave Balls, who has a joined under a number of accounts, enjoys a rant or 2 against the forum.
I'm sure I know who the other is, but as I havent named that person directly I can't therefore have made a personal attack! However, checking the infractions of that person it amounted to 9 separate instances of infractions and 3 separate warnings and a multitude of pm's concerning behaviour. Within that timeframe plenty of opportunity was given to address their behaviour and to talk to various mods about how to proceed.
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Default Admin Note:

I hope I'm not treading on anyone's shoes here but as one of the two Admin on RFUK(the other being bothrops) I'd just like to say something about banned members.

There are very very very few Members that are Banned from RFUK, maybe a dozen in the five years that I have been on the Moderation Team. There have been more Bans, but these are normally Multiple Accounts, Banned Members or Spammers. Also to protect our Members, some Users are removed from certain sections, but this is very infrequent.

Of the few that have been Banned, they have been Banned deservedly so. Either ripping people off or not sticking to RFUK's very simple Rules and continually ignoring them. There are people out there that don't like us at RFUK, but that is their freedom of choice and we will not hold that against them. But speaking for myself, I do not like one bit when these banned members go off and lie as to why they are not on here anymore. Not once have I heard a Banned Member say why they were honestly banned.

Because of this, here at RFUK we have all our Community at heart and we do not want them subjected to these banned folk or even any scams that they are involved in. We as a Team look out for the best interests of our community and always try to. If anyone has an issue, either myself or bothrops will try to help you out amicably. Our ethos is to get along in a relaxed attitude and only step in if someone breaches the rules; yes, under previous Admin things have been tougher, but now hopefully there is no need for that stance. Stick to the simple rules and things will be fine. Break them continuously and the naughty step beckons.

Why is it the two folks who have caused me the most trouble don't have the Royals to stare me in the eyes?

Why is it folk have taken so much but given so little?

If the other side to a story came out wouldn't that be amusing?

Who are all these experts who have sprung up in a couple of years and how long will they last?

Why are so many folk willing to kill the hobby and just don't seem to care?
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