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Letter of Kahl Babies
Litter of Boa's
If your childrens python is a juvenile and you are feeding it pinki or fuzzy mice you need to upsize if your C P is around 11 mons old 12 months old they need larger than fuzzy to grow
First season's babies, the parent's were over 5 years old, unrelated, the male was proven, the females first litter, 10 babies in the litter which is ok for a first litter
1.5 y/o Pac-Man frog, beautiful pattern and colour with (24 inch high 17.5width 17.5 depth) enclosure
Have 9 columbian red tail boas born 17 April 2021 All feeding well n shedding well
character of the children’s python I spend 16 hours a day with him and I’m learning a Tonne i will be starting a journal about he experience and body language.
Part of a trio of het scaleless Everglades I’m working with at the moment. Hope to produce scaleless in 2021
Scaleless head champagne yellowbelly