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General Information

Great feeder,never bites,beautiful temperament he loves having his “chin”rubbed I can pat him and he doesn’t even move a muscle which he used to it’s the best snake if you have the time to observe a lot (12 to 16 hours because I’m at home all day with my situation) even a few hours a day you will learn so much I use different tonal voice sounds and he’s starting slowly to understand by being more relaxed or when he’s coming out to be handled they are clever and have a good memory I did a few tests at home for memory and I have 100% made a break through (for me anyway) you can trick a cp python but try again he starts to play with u he won’t fall for it on the 3rd or 4th time he begins to show signs that he’s caught onto the trick and will never fall for it again I’ll ad a couple of photos here of Monty .
Over a year
Fading pattern brown rainbow sheen in the sun or led lights
General information
Extremely happy childrens python