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    See picture for details
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    Spider 100% het ghost adult male royal ball python 500g. Message me if interested. Thanks
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    Up for sale is my 100% het pied male , he is a cb08 and is over the 1000 gram mark and ready and willing to breed . He was purchased from emsworth reptiles and comes with photo graphic paper work to guarantee his genetics . He sheds fine , poos fine , has a great appetite and feeds on live mice...
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    Am interested in either a Male Axanthic or at the very least a 100% Het Axanthic. Please throw me prices and availability! Cheers Shaun
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    I have for sale a male and female pair of unrelated 100% het for piebald Royal Pythons. Female 1200g empty (proven breeder) bought from John Berry reptiles and certificate included. possible ringer see pics. Male 700g very empty as he has not eaten for 8 weeks. (proven breeder) bought from...
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    Just putting the feelers out but I have a grown sharp male I'd like to breed this season and I'd be up for doing a sunglow project (or motley) if anyone felt like making me some good offers on something 100% het sharp, it has to BE 100% with papers though. Cheers guys, hope you're all looking...
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    I have for sale a Female 100 % Het pied and a Male Pastel 100 % Het Pied Both bred by me, I can provide you with paperwork if you wish. Collection from Norfolk or I can take to Doncaster if I receive a 50% deposit before the show. Female £175.00 Male £275.00
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    Looking for a quick sale with this guy, he's around 800g+ and will fit perfectly into breeding plans this year. He's eating, Shedding and pooing fine. Currently feeding on Large D/F Rat wieners and occasionally small rats. Unfortunately he doesn't come with any paperwork but I know the parents...
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    Lovely snake with great temperament, easy to handle and never strikes, occasional hiss when getting out of viv but thats pretty standard with burms. 2011 girl, a year old next month. Shes about 5.5 feet and eating medium rats no problem. Shedding and pooing fine. Would be ideal breeder or...
  10. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi im interested in bearded dragons alot and have a number 4 vivs and two dragons, a full citrus male hypo and an orange female both norms. I'm looking for a colourful morph to add to the collection, preferably female but a male will be alright due to two spare vivs. Any age due to spare vivs...
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    I have four pairs of 100% het orange ghost Noah line royals for sale. Bred by me cl royals. All eating well and have had first shed. Will split but please be aware that noah line orange ghosts are not compatible with other lines of ghost. Stunning babies and beautiful colouring. £200 a pair or...
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    Female CB12 100% Het Pied with Paperwork from Boa Republic B12HPF2 Will be available from Saturday 17th March (Flight into UK Friday) £175 Delivery Available Collection Available
  13. Lizard Pictures
    This a 100% carrot tail tangerine tornado from tug. I good friend of mine bought it from tug with a few other geckos. Lets just say it cost a few pennies:whistling2: Anyway i love it and will hopefully be in line for a couple of babies in the future. So does it do it for you as i can...
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    guys, realized how crappy my pics for these last two where and how they really did not show you how pretty they are. They where produced from a Motley/kahl pairing. both are 100% het for kahl albino. both have had +11 feeds and are now on large mice both have shed twice, clean and in one...
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    A beautiful example of a Arabesque boa. She's female, and is 100% het Coral Albino. Born late 2010 Imported this year by Wayne Hollands from The Urban Reptile. Buyer collects / Reptile courier possible at buyers expense £275
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    I'm selling most of my collection on a last in/first out basis as I'll be travelling a lot with work next year and won't have time to dedicate to the snakes. Pair of red westerns hognose hatchlings, 100% het albino. Bred by Albino Romeo. Only had them six weeks or so, but because I can only...
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    Following a recent change in direction with my recessive projects, I now have 2 female 100% het Lavender Albinos available as they no longer feature in my breeding plans. They were hatched in the US in September 2010 by Alex Barreiro at Boa Republic and they come with full photo ID genetic...
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    Following a recent purchase of some female visual Genetic Stripes royals, I now have 3 female 100% het Genetic Stripes available as they no longer feature in my Genetic Stripe breeding project. They were hatched in the US in September 2010 by Alex Barreiro at Boa Republic and they come with...
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    Late 09 100% het albino bred by me from albino dad and spider poss het albino mum. Feeding on defrosted, heated adult mice weekly, sheds in one piece. Comes with my own photo id paperwork. Any questions please feel free to pm me. Collection only unless local.
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    Been looking for a female het piebald for a while now, am willing to travel local(ish) distance to pick up or pay for courier. Must be feeding, shedding etc. all fine. Would prefer over 100g but willing to buy any weight really. PM me if you've got what I'm after :D
1-20 of 26 Results