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100% het
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  1. Snakes
    Hello internet I've bred my two 100% het albinos western hognose snakes together and i got three little ones. one was albino and the other two were normal color. i was wondering what het the normal color baby's would be? thanks for your time :2thumb:
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Looking to start my first python breeding project and already have a male. Looking for a female 100% het albino cb 12 ideally but not too fussed about age. Willing to pay the going rate for one. Ideally I would like to find someone local so I can pick her up. Many thanks!
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    Male And Female 100% Het Kahl Albino's Now Reduced To £50.00 Each. I Am Desperately Short Of Space On My Hatchling Racks So Have Reduced These Beauties To Move A Few On. All Have Taken A Minimum Of 6 Feeds Now And Are Feeding Regularly On Small Defrosted Mice. Born On The 27th April 2013...
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    Unrelated pair no paper work as there from Bob Clarke I bought them via a link on RFUK, feed them around every 7 to 11 days on rat weaners males missed about 5 feeds in 2 years, females missed 1. Female 850g empty Male 900g empty Not willing to separate Both had mites about a year ago and...
  5. Snakes
    Feel a bit stupid for asking but if anyone can let me know what it means that would be great!
  6. Snakes
    Hello i bought this supposedly 100% het clown from someone up this end, ive been told theres ment to be some signs, markers that het clown have. I have added a few pics so you can have a look. Thanks in advance.
  7. Snake Classifieds
    hi guys i have a (FUTURE) breeding project for sale male is albino/spider (pic and weight in album) female (1) is a albino (pic and weight in album) female (2) is a 100% het albino (pic and weight in album) female (3) is a 100% het albino (pic and weight in album) asking £2,150 (OVNO)...
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    Hi guys As I have had to move house I need to sell my collection of boas. I have an 09 visual Khal strain female, 2010 100% het Khal female and a 2010 100% het Khal male. All of which are absolutely flawless and very tame. I am open to offers but as stated I don't drive but am happy to...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    Hey everyone - Thanks for looking. We are regrettably having to sell most of our collection, we are not taking this lightly and its not an easy decision. My partner has been made redundant, we have also partially paid for new snakes that we are now going to lose out on. All snakes are...
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    With papers. Late 09 commons, 100% HET KHAL bred by bothrops on here. Bought from him as hatchlings, feed every time, shed and eliminate . Never had any problems with these snakes. Pics are them as hatchlings will upadate thread. Situated in Colchester, Essex. Collection only or courier at...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    Just wondering if there would be any interest in my Female 100% het albino royal python. I am not completly decided on whether to sell her or not but thought if someone was interested then it might make up my mind for me !! I really need to free up some rack space for my morphs. She is around...
  12. Snake Classifieds
    I am interested in a Pinstripe 100% Het Axanthic female. PM me or message me here if you have or know somebody who is interested in selling. Any birth year but the older the better :)
  13. Snake Pictures
    A few recent pics of my Salmon female Pre_shed Post-shed Thanks for looking :thumb:
  14. Snake Pictures
    big thanks to dave for this girl she's an absolute dream to handle and has a mean apitite hope you like i will have some pics of her new fella at the weekend once hes settled in his new home :2thumb:
  15. Snake Classifieds
    100% het genetic stripe royal python for sale or swaps, its a 2007 and is breedable he is also nerd loine so it was breed by a top breeder, it also has all the proper paperwork as it was brught from crystle palace reptiles, pics of snake and paperwork can be emailed on request
  16. Snake Classifieds
    Im selling this male 2007 100% het genetic stripe ball python (NERD LINE) with paperwork from crystal palace reptiles for £150 plus i am open to trades. If price is met im willing tho chuck in his viv. Thanks for looking
  17. Snake Classifieds
    Two male 100% het axanthic for sale - both 09's, both eat, poo and shed well. Hand tame. Looking for £120 each as no paperwork. or swaps/part ex for other royal morphs or normals [females only please]
  18. Genetics
    i have a normal male royal python and soon will be getting a 100%het albino and have no clue if it will be worth breeding. if i did breed what percentage would be albino and would they look like normal albino or darker. i am still dont no whether to get a 100%het albino or a 100%het pied dont...
1-18 of 18 Results