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2010 royals
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    Male super pastel cb10 for sale He feeds strong on df rat weaners never missed a feed to my knowledge Weighed him a couple of weeks ago and he was 610gs il get a more up to date weight soon as i can Hes fine to handle sheds and poos fine Stunning snake! really needs to be seen in the flesh...
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    All eat , shed and poo fine and handle great 1 female and 1 male strike feed on DF mice rest strike feed on DF rat fuzzies , Weights below pics as of 20th july so all a little more now and 1&2 males in shed. Males maybe CF Females CB . Anymore info please ask:2thumb:
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    2 Males & 1 Female . Males thought to be CF Female CB all friendly eat,poo & shed fine all strike feed on rat fuzzies. £25 each. Weights below pics.
1-3 of 3 Results