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    Female Boa Constrictor Imperator CB 2010 for sale Click here for a photo Good eater/pooer/shedder, all of that. £80 ONO Pick up in Stratford or near (within central London) Payment by Paypal/cash on arrival PM for more info if needed :whip:
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    For sale in Southampton/Hampshire CB10 -Proven breeder male blue tounged skink, has produced 3 litters so far but im down sizing and sadly he has to go. For any more information, don't hesitate to email
  3. Snake Classifieds
    hi :welcome:, i have a 2010 male hognose for sale eats fuzzes no problem. typical hognose attitude, never bitten. £80 ono collection only pm any questions. pictures available via email.
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    Pewter royal python male Proven 2010 730grms Consistent Strike feeder, shedding and toileting Has bred some beautiful healthy babies. I’m going to Nottingham on the 7th if that’s a help? PM or call 07833458786 £ 300 ono i can send many more photos by email.
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    Hi, I Have My 2010 Male Mojave Royal Python For Sale. He Has Been In With My Females & Has Locked Up With A Few! Eating On Small Rats, Pooing, Weeing, Shedding Brill! Weight: 1118g EMPTY Thanks!
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    Hello, trying to sell this for my grandparents 2010 Coachman Amara 380/2 Luxury 2 berth Caravan with £3550+ Extras | eBay Thought I would post here too, to see if I could peak the interest in it 2010 Coachman Amara 380/2 Luxury Caravan w/ Extras This is a luxury 2010 Coachman Amara model...
  7. Snake Pictures
    Spent a little bit of time outside in the garden to let some of the boas have a roam and soak up some rays! Made me realise THIS is what i love about keeping them! Took the opportunity to try and improve my photography too This is my 2010 male Squaretail Enjoy
  8. Snake Pictures
    MALE CB 2010. Out for a climb: Night on the tiles: I loves you: I loves you two: I loves you three: Guess what morph?
  9. Snake Pictures
    I finally found and brought the perfect pair of female Taiwanese beauties! They where born 2010 and have been housed together pretty much their entire lives. I'm separating them until I can get them re-sexed and they are a bit older and due to go into a 4x2x2. Once bigger still they will go...
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    Simply Looking at getting a few different snakes so am chosing to let some of mine go Female Albino African house snake....£30 Male 100% het albino house snake...£25 Male early 2010 100% Het albino Royal Python...£50 Couple lizards for sale as well, if interested text me on 07743106908 Can...
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    I still have three poss hets left from a het-to-het pairing that produced 5 visual albinos in June 2010. These three are about 600 grams now and caning small rats. £60each ONO. I'm just north of Reading. I supply a colour certificate that shows provenance including details of the parents'...
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    We have for sale our early 2010 CB Male Kahl Abino Boa. He sheds and poos fine and is eating large weaners every 7-10 days. He has the most amazing temperament and would make a lovely addition to anyone's collection. Please note this sale is for snake only. Couriers arranged at buyer's...
  13. Snake Pictures
    Ok so i finally took the plunge and bought myself a 2010 Lavender Albino Retic. I think he is also a Paradox but im sure someone here will tell me if im right or not. Some pics for you all to enjoy
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    Standard female Burmese python, 2011. Stunning snake, tame, eats every time, sheds perfectly. Can come with 30x18x18 inch viv with heat light and heat mat. £100 snake only £150 with viv 1 female, 1 male, Unrelated, Albino Burmese Pythons, 2010, just over 5ft in length, stunning snakes, unique...
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    Salmon boa, 2010, male, a very stunning snake. High pink colouring. Excellent markings. Eats every time and sheds perfecty. Very tame. Can come with 30x18x18 inches viv. With heat light and heat mat. Must go ASAP Picture doesn't do him justice, viewings would be best to really appreciate him...
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    Royal Python, Female, 2010, beautiful markings. Eats every time, sheds perfectly. Very tame. 108g empty. £40 no offers. Vivs available £50 each 36x18x18 inches 36x16x16 inches 30x16x16 Inches
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    A new change of career and limited time to care for our comprehensive collection. It is sad to say that we have to let go of most of our Leo's. We have ones which have been bred this year and need fattening up, and will be up for sale once we are happy they are ready for new homes. The ones...
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    Selling my female Albino Boa, no fault of her own but with a new puppy coming i need to make space. She feeds perfectly, i just throw the mouse in and she eats it first time. Shed perfectly everytime. Currently kept in a little rub which can come with her if needed but she will need to go into...
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    Hiya We have further corns for sale due to reducing collection, all eating shedding fine. 2009 female anerythristic - £25 2010 male coral motley (originally a hold back) - £25 2010 female amel stripe poss het caramel (was a late starter but eats great now) - £20 2010 female...
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    I have a 2010 male royal available - eats like a trooper! Very friendly and easy to handle. I was holding him for a friend but my friend's landlord is not thrilled at the idea of a snake in the apartment! :bash: At last weigh in about a month ago he was 374 grams. Any questions...
1-20 of 68 Results