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    Stack of four 3 foot vivs for sale, made by Volly. Good quality vivs and good condition, it is 6ft 2 inches high and very heavy so will need a couple of people and a van to collect. Collection from Plymouth, Devon - £150 ono. Any questions let me know. Will include ceramic bulbs and guards.
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    3 foot Exo Terra Vivarium excellent condition, large rock water bowl, feeding bowl, large basket hide, plants, bark, branches, large bamboo roots, thermometer, light fitting, Hobby ceramic, 150W Exo Terra IR black light un boxed unused, 6 month old Habistat thermostat £ 170 ono Reluctant to sell...
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    I have a 3ft wooden vivarium for sale in good condition £35. Has a light fitting attached. Pick up preferred but may be able to deliver locally for the cost of the petrol.
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    I'm after 2 vivariums roughly measuring around about these sizes... 3 X 2 X 18inch (L X H X W) If you have a viv that is off by a few inches please still pm me! It doesn't have to be exact, even something like a 3 X 18 X 18 will do! I can pick up from the West midlands and possibly willing...
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    Just bought a rack so don't need these vivs. The top three vivs are constructed as 1 so cannot be separated. The bottom viv has storage area underneath (I used it for my desktop freezer & storage box). There is also room for 2 x V18 hatchling tubs. The viv dimensions are 900mm x 450mm x...
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    I have for sale 3 x wooden vivarium's as shown in the photo. 1 is arboreal (centre of the 3) 3 foot high x 2 foot x 2 foot 2 are the bottom row. 3 foot long x 2 foot x 2 foot Please contact me for further details
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    Hello All A complete 3 foot VIV set up. It has a heat lamp fitting (no bulb) as well as a 3 ft UV light fitting and light I did actually buy it off here originally! My beardie has been very happy in here for 2 years and could have stayed if I hadn't picked up another deal Excellent...
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    I have a homemade beech melamine vivarium for sale with sliding glass doors. Would be ideal for small snakes, geckos or bearded dragon. Its in really good condition. The only bit I didn't finish was the edging strip which is easy to get and you just put it on with an iron.
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    Selling some spare bits and pieces, and needed more space so selling this viv. Great for beardies. £100 for both, but willing to take offers for viv/cab on its own. Condition is pretty good, has 2 holes on lid for light fittings and have added some extra screws to secure bottom and top...
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    this is a 3foot viv which comes with all accesories suitable for keeping most reptiles, it includes a very large pice of wood, various stones and decorations, one hide, food and water bowls, uv strip bulb, uv bulb starter, heat bulb, heat bulb holder, spare heat mat just incase, other bulb...
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    For sale on Ebay, starting price £50, buy it now for £90: Reptile Vivarium 3ft Beech - Full Starter set-up + all extras - Bargain | eBay 3 Foot Beech Wood Reptile Vivarium This 3ft Reptile vivarium was previously used to house 2 leopard geckos (could house up to 3), but would also be...
  12. Habitat
    For sale on Ebay, starting price £50, buy it now for £90: 3 Foot Beech Wood Reptile Vivarium This 3ft Reptile vivarium was previously used to house 2 leopard geckos (could house up to 3), but would also be suitable for smaller snakes and other reptiles. It has been deep-cleaned with a...
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    3 foot wooden viv. Good condition. Picture below.
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    Hi All, I'm looking for 1 or maybe 2 (depending on price) 3x2x2 vivs and full set ups so show me photos of what you got and how much youd want and what you would involve. It would help if you was in a 50 mile radious of Nottingham if not if you would be able to deliver and give me a rough...
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    I have 2 vivexotic lx36 - 3 foot vivs for sale fully setup for bearded dragons, was used to house my hatchlings how ever i am getting out of breeding so no longer require these vivs, looking for £60 each the vivs r 9months old however the uv tubes r only a couple of months old as didnt use them...
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    I am selling two of my vivariums. One three foot in beech and the other is a two foot also in beech. They are both in very good condition especially the two foot as it has hardly been used. They are ADT vivariums which are good quality with no visable fixings. im looking for £50 ono for the 2...
  17. Lizards
    I got this viv for my 3 month or so old beardie (VivExotic 36in Compact Vivarium Ellmau Beech). Had him for about a month in there, he loves it. when hes older he will b coming out more often and will only b in there half the day. Is this good enough? not got much more space on my drawers :L
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    hi im looking for a 3ft wood viv with glass front with extras for my bearded dragon please send photo and local thanks ken
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    Im Looking At Getting A New Lizard, As I Have A Spare 3 Foot Viv What Would You Guys Think Would Be Able To LIve In The Viv, Its 3ftx15inchx15 or i myt move my leopard gecko into it as hes only in an 45x45x45 exo terra at the moment Cheers In Advance =] Aaron
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    We are moving house and having a clear out. We have for sale the following: Glass Vivarium - 3 foot (w) x 2 foot (h) x 1 foot (d) comes with mahogany cabinet base, strip light, arcadia light controller, substrate and natural bark backing. Glass sliding front doors and mesh top - £75...
1-20 of 24 Results