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3ft vivarium wanted
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    4ft Vivarium in Black, ADT Vivarium make. Doesn't come with anything, it is just the vivarium itself, because I need my equipment for when I get a 3ft vivarium (sorry guys) -OPEN TO OFFERS- but would like £50 but will take offers. :) I WILL ALSO SWAP if anyone has a 3ft vivarium and would like...
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    I have a 45cm exo cube for swap, comes with: heat mat, two vines, two plants, corner water bowl, and a nice twisty piece of wood. I'm looking for swap for a 3x15x15 viv, with at least a heat mat. I would consider adding a 600w dimmer stat for more extra's in the 3ft. I'm happy to drop...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi i am looking for a 3ft vivarium 18in deep preferred and height doesn't matter. willing to travel within reason. no accessories needed, just the wood and glass please. Cheers Dan
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    Roscoe doesn't fit into my up & coming breeding project, so ive decided to sell him... 2 yr old completely tame male leopard gecko for sale. weighing 55g Comes with a 3ft wooden viv in excellent condition, large heat mat, light fixture & bulbs, corner water bowl, hide and decor, and plug timer...
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    Hello can anyone help, I am desperate to get a vivarium for a baby lizard for my son who is unable to do fluffy pets. Have looked everywhere does anyone know of local makers that do the full set up? However I just can't warrant paying £200 for a new set up Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results