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    Hi, I'm looking for an iPhone 3GS for my mother to use. She's with Virgin so it either needs to be unlocked or able to be unlocked (such as O2 or Orange will do for a fee). I'm willing to consider phones that have issues or need repairs if the price is fair. Thanks for looking!
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    Hi all, I have for sale my black iPhone 3GS 16GB, as I would like to extend my Leopard Gecko collection. It is unlocked to all networks, currently being used on Vodafone, and is also jail broken, running the 3.1.3 firmware. Loads of apps; can add screenshots if anyone is interested I...
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    I have a white 16gb 3GS currently locked to orange for sale. The warrenty finishes 24 November 2010 (checked the serial against apples web site). Its currently running the latest version which is IOS4... so has all the new features such as multitasking etc. Its in fantastic condition...
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    Hi I am just gauging interest, as I am thinking of selling my Iphone. :flrt: It is a Black 3GS 16GB, and I have had it unlocked & jailbroken, it is boxed with all the usual accessories. It is only 1 month old, has no scratches or marks as I have kept it within a case :) I will try and upload...
1-4 of 6 Results