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4ft 3ft vivarium
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    Vivarium is a custom built solid varnished MDF vivarium. 4ft long 1.5ft deep 1.5ft tall (roughly) It will include some decor , water bowl and food bowl and all the fittings for UV lamp and basking lamp. You will need a new screw fit compact Uv to complete the set up as the one I currently...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi We bought this viv /cabinet about 3 months ago. But due to our increasing number of reptiles we are Having to downsize some of our viv's We are looking to swap for a decent 3ft viv. Comes with all light fittings/ UV bulb etc. (if needed) Thanks
  3. Snakes
    Hi I am looking to buy a new snake, (preferably a python or boa) that would be fine in a 4ft vivexotic vivarium. Can anyone help me? Please give me some ideas i'm going mental here!!!
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    I have 2 Vivariums For Sale, The 1st is 47''L X 15''D X 24''H In Good condition. The 2nd is 36''L X 15''D X 18''H Only 3 Months Old. I am wanting £40.00 each for them. Pick Up Is From Morecambe, Lancashire. I could possibly delivery within a 50 mile radius for petrol costs.
1-4 of 4 Results