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4ft viv
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  1. Lizards
    Hey, I have a spare 4ft viv and I was wondering what beginner lizards I can house comfortably in it. The lizard must have relatively simple dietary needs (that mustn't be overly expensive either), must be able to be handled, must be able to live comfortably in the 4ft viv, and must also be quite...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    Used vivarium for sale Excellent condition Solid not a flat pack Viv only Collection from Bury £80 Pictures to follow
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    4ft vivexotic A1 condition hardly used, ceramic bulb with guard, new 600w habistat pulse stat, thermometer. £125 no offers saltash.
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    2 x 4ft vivariums 4ft x 2ft x 2ft £50 each (no lighting included) Swaps I'm looking for a female crested gecko,bell Leo's,unusual geckos or female pueblans(or nice milk snakes) Gravesend Kent
  5. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi, I'm reluctantly selling my bearded dragons due to change in circumstances. I've not had them that long but become soo attached! They are both well looked after and healthy females (about 17 months old) they love their locust and worms! They are both fine with being handled as I regularly...
  6. Equipment Classifieds
    Selling these vivs as I no longer require them due to buying a viv stack. The exact dimensions of the 4x2x3 are: 47" length 23" depth 38" height This was handmade by its previous owner to a very good standard; it is extremely solid and very heavy. It has heavy duty, thick glass doors which...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    il swap my 4ft set up and boa for your adult male brb
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    as stated, devon/cornwall area.
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    48"W x 18"D x 24"H beech coloured viv available, comes with a huge log for decoration, exo terra flat faunarium, light starter unit, repti glo tube light, ceramic bulb holder, lucky reptile electronic ballast for MH-Lamps, sun glo bulb, white protective cage, some calcium and some gutload for...
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    4ft beech viv made by ND Aquatics, measures 48"W x 18"D x 24"H. Comes with lock, ceramic bulb, ceramic bulb fitting, bulb cage, repti glo tube light and starter unit. Suitable for snakes, lizards and reptiles. Collection only.
  11. Equipment Classifieds
    4ft x 2ft x 2ft solid back beach Viv' with light, ceramic heater, quality bulb guards, 2 hides and decoration, great condition £80 in Doncaster collection or I can deliver in the Doncaster area for an extra £10
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    I'm looking for a 4ft viv, either 4x2x2 or 4x18x18+, I am looking for between 18-24 inches deep as a must, height isn't as important. I'm looking to pay upto £60 for a viv in good condition, or a little more for the right viv if needs be. I will collect myself, preferably within 10-20 miles of...
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    4 foot as new. Sealed and only 1 year old with cabinet. Mint condition. First to see will buy
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi, I'm looking for some 4ft possibly bigger vivs that are in good condition. need to be within a suitable driving distance. Cash waiting for the right vivs. PM me if you have any available. Thanks Jason.
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    I'm looking to upgrade my Vivarium and I'm looking for a 4x2x2ft Viv? Would be good if it was in Oxfordshire/Wiltshire/Berkshire or south area Many thanks
  16. Equipment Classifieds
    Due to needing more space I have had to sadly re-home my leopard geckos. I now have the viv left here which I really need gone asap so open to sensible offers!!! I stupidly deleted the photos off my computer but they can be seen (along with all the info) on my preloved ad. Preloved |...
  17. Lizard Classifieds
    Due to work and accommodation commitments we are selling all of our beardies. 1 4x2x2ft vivarium 1 custom vivarium, approx 3x3x2ft - made from antique chest of drawers We are selling as one lot, not individuals. Males 1 x Italian Leatherback 1 x US Import Red Leatherback Females 1 x Large...
  18. Equipment Classifieds
    4x2x2 viv for sale with heat bulb and fitting and uv unit and arcadia d3 12%uvb bulb few months old. Viv has slight ware and tear nuthin that damages the viv nothing major. Bristol Please call or txt 07826848239
  19. Equipment Classifieds
    as above 4x2x2 wanted for late next week onwards, ideally with ceramic bulb,guard,stat and digi thermometre but will buy myself if needed. must be in good condition with no water damage/warping. can collect within reasonable distance or pay fuel for delivery. as it says 4X2X2 so please no offers...
  20. Equipment Classifieds
    We've got two vivs currently for sale. Both are 4ft (L) x 2ft (D) x 2ft (H) viv. They are each fitted with a 150w ceramic bulb and guard. One has a Habistat Pulse Proportional stat and the other has a Habistat temperature stat, so both are ready to just plug and play. I'm looking for £100 each...
1-20 of 75 Results