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  1. Snakes
    Hi Guys, Well I haven't got any new reptiles for a solid two years now and I've recently been feeling the all too common urges of wanting a new snake. As I only own Boas I am looking for something different. I initially looked at Dumerils Boas but I think I want to be a little more...
  2. Lizards
    So i am wondering has anyone ever bought from here: Reptile Supplies- Reptile Shop - 888 Reptiles - Online Reptile Shop UK - Triple 8 Reptiles They seem like a reliable business but can anyone vouch for them? Im just worried about loosing my money if the animals are DOA when they get to me...
  3. Snakes
    Has anyone bought from 888 reptiles, do u think i should/shouldnt use it?
  4. Snakes
    I'm new and looking to buying a royal python from 888reptile's and just want to know a few thing's...... it say's cb11 baby royal but what age do you usally recive a snake? do they get them feeding befor they put them up for sale? and any reviews would make me happy:2thumb: Thanks in advance
  5. Equipment & Supplies
    Hey everyone!! My tortoise needs a new home! He keeps climbing out of his other one, I don't know how, he has amazing upper body strength for a two year old haha! I've found a really nice tortoise box and cabinet on 888 reptiles and it's very cheap! I was just wanting to know, has anyone ever...
  6. Snakes
    Hi R.F.U.K. I am getting a vivarium off 888reptiles...Who thinks it will get damaged in the post? I am not getting my corn snake off 888reptiles too. I'm getting him/her from Norwich Reptile Company...are they good? Thanks in advance for your views and comments!!
  7. Snakes
    i know its a silly question but alot of people advice not to get cf but im not sure why. i want a royal but cant justify paying £90 when i can get one with a het from £90. 888 reptiles are selling cf and i wanna know if i should get one from there or just wait until i go to a reptile show or a...
1-7 of 7 Results